A White Paper on Digital Social Revolution – The Evolution of Shiba Inu – HUH Token

What is the future of social media?

The future is limited only by one’s imagination. Although social media’s history as only been around for a short period of time it has told a narrative. Rapid changes in demand, technological innovation, the market’s rising financial expectations, and cultural change will define and reshape the entire state of the social media environment. Will Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and a slew of other social media behemoths follow in the footsteps of Myspace and other now extinct platforms? Perhaps with the internet 3.0, the dawn of new media will be the next evolution.

Human beings are social creatures. Both communication and business are based on interaction. Both of these truths will be critical in determining the direction and growth of social media in the next years and beyond. Social media may be helpful for anybody looking to reach an established audience, since it allows for the easy hiring of social media influencers to promote your items to their following.

This is significant, because in the world of cryptocurrency attention sells, this is clearly demonstrated by the unpredictable and volatile success of the meme cryptocurrencies; Shiba Inu and Dogecoin. A new cryptocurrency that is looking to embrace the boundary between utility and meme is HUH Token.


HUH Token has a Reward Distributor that is a smart contract-built service that manages the referral incentives. The features of the Reward Distributor include the opportunity to claim prizes. This functionality, by default, claims the rewards in BNB and delivers it to the corresponding wallet of the prize bearer. Claiming rewards is a feature that enables you to claim in a preferred token of choice (E.g., USDT, BUSD, ETH, MATIC, etc). You may also claim rewards to another wallet, which enables the award bearer to utilise a separate wallet to collect their tokens. There is also the potential to claim these rewards in a preferred token and send it to another wallet. The third function is donating rewards, which enables award holders to donate any sum out of their rewards to another HUH member and therefore expand the art of giving.

The social media platform HUH Token aims to construct and disseminate is dubbed the MetHUH. In MetHUH, content is developed by social influencers and made accessible to users on their behalf. Both content generation and consumption are reviewed with sentiment analysis. With this information analysis, a report is attached to both the social influencers and the users accounts. The sentiment tokens are then granted correspondingly, based on certain discovered qualities.

Light, tone, and moderation features are a topic of considerable investigation in the area of sentiment analysis. Whenever a social influencer’s submits content, or a user watches content on, the MetHUH, a transaction with the identified levels of tone, moderation and light tokens is delivered to the individuals account. MetHUH technology uses these features and calculates them in an ever-evolving algorithm and which then mints sentiment tokens which constitute an integral component of the HUH ecosystem.

As such, social influencers and the watchers of their content will be able to earn sentiment tokens and sell them for HUH tokens. The HUH treasury will use a proportion of the operating capital to purchase and burn sentiment tokens connected with the most desired attributes by the community.

You will be able to sign up to the MetHUH platform as either a user or social influencer and link your wallet, then either post content or view content posted by others. There is also the option to trade these influence points for HUH tokens and use any of the rewards claiming options, including the option to gift another HUH user a portion of your rewards, similar to features like donations on twitch or reddit gold.

HUH Tokens white paper is being released today and will explain this concept in vivid detail. It will also outline all the dreams and goals this cryptocurrency has for the coming months. With it’s impressive social propagation and strategic smart contract referral scheme, HUH token has it’s eyes on overtaking the biggest meme coins out there and be in the top 10 of all cryptocurrencies next year.


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Website: https://huh.social

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