Coping with infertility during the holiday season

The holiday season has come yet again, and many have been looking forward to it all year long. However, that may not be the case for everyone though.
The holiday time is all about family, friends and spending time with those close to you. For those struggling to have a baby, the holidays may not be their favorite time of the year. Many men and women facing the struggle of infertility can find the holiday season triggering.
Seeing children taking pictures with Santa at the mall while out and about with their families everywhere. Hearing the chiming of the jingle bells song and seeing festive lights wherever they go does not bring that much cheer to their lives.
In America, 1 in 8 couples struggle to conceive, and the holiday season is a painful reminder for most of them that they do not have their bundles of joy to celebrate with this holiday.
Infertility can lead to those struggling with it being stigmatized and affects their health in other ways like mentally, physically, and emotionally. Being bombarded with questions from family asking why they still do not have a baby – or when they are planning on having one makes it all even more overwhelming.
The latest episode on the Infertility And Me Podcast: Nothing is working – coping with infertility during the holidays, is sure to resonate.
This episode covers why the holidays are depressing for infertile men and women, healthy boundaries with family, saying no to intrusive questions and conversations, and limiting your time at your family’s homes.

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