Shiba Inu Presents Buy Opportunity and HUH Token Releases White Paper

Shiba Inu’s price is undergoing a minor retracement following a sharp increase in buying pressure that resulted in a rally. This correction will provide an opportunity for side-lined buyers to enter before the next leg higher. Meanwhile, HUH Token has released its widely anticipated White Paper detailing its “MetHUH verse”.

Shiba Inu

Between November 28 and November 30, Shiba Inu’s price increased 50%, from $0.0000362 to $0.0000543. This massive rally is currently retracing and trading near the trading range’s midpoint of $0.0000452.

Investors can anticipate Shiba Inu (SHIB) to reverse course once it re-enters the buy zone. This high probability reversal zone will provide an opportunity for investors who missed the initial Shiba Inu price surge to join the next bull phase.

Market participants should wait for a retest of the 62 per cent Fibonacci retracement level at $0.0000431 before entering long. This dip will set the stage for a 25% surge in Shiba Inu price, resulting in a retest of the range high at $0.0000543.


HUH Token

Finally, HUH Token has released its much-anticipated White Paper as it prepares for its launch on Monday, December 6.

According to the White Paper, “HUH Token’s dream is a decentralised metaverse where everyone gains from the data they generate. The data generated by engagement, be it information, opinion, images, sound or another form of self-expression, generated value for the influencers and individual, because all data creates influence, and HUH believe

that influence is a currency to be shared for the greater good”.

This “tokenisation” of influence is certainly a novel idea within the crypto space and could be a hit amongst the creative and influencer communities. Musicians, artists and influencers could use this crypto and its social network called “MetHUH “to monetise their works or “influence” using HUH Tokens.

HUH Token’s creators say they have built the world’s first ‘UTIMEME’ cryptocurrency combining the power of ‘meme’ tokens with the useability of utility tokens. “Tokenomics will drive rapid growth in the value of the HUH token that will be the basis for transaction and reward across a meaningful social network called ‘MetHUH’ where users’ data ownership is taken seriously from a cryptocurrency first perspective. With the HUH social network, MetHUH, everyone can be rewarded in HUH for exchanges of content and engagement”.

HUH Token will be available on PancakeSwap and Uniswap from Monday and to help promote long term stability and growth its creators are locking in $1 million of liquidity for 2 years from launch.

Currently in its last few days of its presale, this could be the ideal time to buy HUH Token.


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