Water-Fed-Pole Systems: Which Mounting System Do I Need?

Those who are starting the water fed pole cleaning systems are given several options for mounting systems.  Each system has its advantages and disadvantages, and this blog will be discussing the four most commonly used models – backpack, trailer mount, trolley systems and van mount.


Which model is the best for you and your business?  Well, that depends on more than just one factor.  The number one thing to consider is your customer base.  The majority of your customers should drive that decision.  The desire to own all three should be high on anyone’s list of possibilities, particularly as a business begins to grow and thrive.


The backpack is both the simpliest and cheapest model of all water fed poles cleaning systems.  Backpack systems are ideal for places that require some maneuvering.  Row and terrace houses, for example, are often built closely together, and this can restrict access to the back of a home considerably.  Using a lar

The idea of having to lug poles, hoses, brushes and more through a customer home should be the stuff of nightmares as the opportunities for accidents and liabilities are enormous.

A trolley used in connection with a backpack is often a solution many who are entering the water fed pole washing business find to be a boon.  The trolley can double as a small trailer – carrying everything from additional carbon fibre water fed poles, cleaners and even extra volumes of water.

The biggest drawback to a backpack system, even with a trolley, is the volume.  Backpacks can only carry limited amounts, and those amounts are also limited by the ability of the user.  The addition of a trolley certainly adds not only volume but ease of use.  This volume is still limited, and business owners with multiple customers will need to make frequent stops to refill water containers.


A trailer adds plenty of additional space for more equipment and water.  Those who are do-it-yourself types and have the understanding can build their own trailer to suit their specific needs or purchase a commercially built one.

The addition of a trailer does come with its drawbacks.  You will need to account for the additional length and be able to Entering the Water Fed Pole Washing Industry: Selecting The Best Polesback a trailer successfully – something that does take time and practice to master.  Where you will store said trailer, insurance requirements and more have to be taken into consideration when considering a trailer purchase.


These movable systems allow you to clean windows where van mounted systems are not accessible.  They are manufactured in two styles a 25ltr trolley and a 50ltr trolley. The 50ltr trolley system gives the window cleaning technician much more water volume compared to the 25ltr trolley system but both are extremely adequate in their work.


By far the most common choice of water fed pole washing systems is a commercial van mount. This becomes everything needed all in a single location that is easy to store and lock when not in use.  Everything can be fitted neatly into the van with room to spare and favoured length of hose is 100 metres . It’s these lengths that you will require for both commercial and residential, and you then need to consider your hose size and ability to store it on a reel. For health and safety reasons you would always need a high visibility hose, such as Microbore hose.

A van is also the most expensive option, and one many who are starting in the business simply cannot afford.