4 reasons an office aquarium is beneficial for your employees

The popularity of office dogs has increased massively over the past few years, and not without reason – science shows that they hugely boost employee wellbeing. They can, however, be distracting, especially when they start chewing on wires or getting agitated!

One office pet that is often overlooked is fish. They cost a lot less, can be low maintenance, cause nowhere near as much disruption and have numerous benefits for your employees, such as:

Boosts mood

Various studies have shown that an office fish tank can help to bring the benefits of nature indoors and have been shown to improve mood more than any other natural element! So much so that ‘aquarium therapy’ is now gaining traction in Alzheimer’s care homes. There is a reason they can also be found in Dentist’s waiting rooms – they can help to calm those who are anxious before their appointments and even reduce the amount of pain experienced.

The positive relationship between humans and nature has been well documented. It is no secret that we are better adapted to a natural environment than an artificial one. Therefore, bringing a piece of nature in doors can help to lessen the disconnect we face in the modern world.

Reduces heart rate and blood pressure

Due to the calming effect of an office aquarium, studies have proven time and time again that looking at fish has both mental and physical health benefits. Interestingly, the more fish in the tank (AKA the more biodiversity), the larger the drop in heart rate and blood pressure. But, even looking at an empty tank with water, these benefits still took place, to a lesser degree. The tranquil environment of a tank with plants is still enough to calm the mind.

Improves quality of sleep

In our caffeine-fueled, always-on world, it can be hard to get a good night’s sleep, making it difficult for your employees to be as productive as they could be. Watching a fish tank throughout the day can put you into a calmer state of mind. This reduction of stress can make it easier to fall asleep, boosting productivity the next day.

Improves concentration

Having a fish tank in the office can improve concentration and creativity, which can help you to get more work done and think of more creative ideas or methods of working. If you find yourself distracted and all over the place due to juggling several pieces of work at once, taking a couple of minutes to breathe and observe the fish tank can help bring some clarity to your mind, helping you to return to your tasks with a calm perspective.

In conclusion

Overall, it is certainly worth making the investment into an office fish tank or aquarium in order to reap these benefits. Fish experts, such as the team at Complete Koi & Aquatics, can give you advice about the best type of fish tank for your office, your setup, the types of fish you can include, and more, so that you can provide extra benefits to your team.