20 Funny Ways to Make Money Quickly

If you have ever thought that it would be great to make some extra money in your spare time, you are certainly not alone. Many people have come up with great ways to do just that, but as we can’t just head into the Crystal Maze and catch the cash as it floats past there is a little bit of effort involved. However, these 20 funny ways to make money quickly will not only give you some great ideas, but many are also hilarious and will keep you entertained for hours while your bank balance creeps up. 

  1. Life Model 

If you would like to make your money sitting around and doing nothing, then you could consider becoming a life model for a local art class. Models tend to earn about £10.00 an hour, and this is great fun if you don’t mind taking your clothes off. 

  1. Buy Alcohol 

If you happen to have a baby face and are under the age of 20, you might be able to make some money as a market researcher for Serve Legal. You have to be over 18 because the job involves going into pubs to see if they are breaking the rules and serving underage people.

  1. Tour Guide

If you live in an area steeped in history with a booming tourist trade, you can get paid to be a tour guide and show some tourists around. You will need to learn some facts about your local area and be personable and friendly. 

  1. Can-Can 

Your empty drink cans could be the key to making some more money. Did you know that if you take your empties into Tesco, you can trade empty cans for one penny? 

  1. Fiver

Fiverr.com is a great site where you can sell any of your skills for $5 or £5. So, whether you can write a blog, Photoshop an image, or designer logo check it out today. 

  1. Sell Photos

Sites like Shutterstock enable budding photographers to upload their images for sale. You get paid commission if someone purchases your image. 

  1. Sell Empty Ink Cartridges

Offer a collection service to other households and trade-in empty cartridges for around £4 each. Many sites require you to have a minimum earn of £5 before you can withdraw the money. 

  1. Sell Hair 

If you have long hair and are planning a dramatic short cut, find a hairdresser that buys hair – this can be used for wigs and extensions. 

  1. Rent a Room 

Airbnb is a great way to earn some money from your spare room or even your garden. Campers are happy to pitch their tent anywhere safe, and you can make some money during the summer season. 

  1. Help Employers

Refer me happy is a job search website that pays for recommendations of the perfect candidate. If your friend gets the advertised job, you will get paid. 

  1. Walk a Dog 

If you have an older neighbour or someone who works a lot, and you were at home most of the day, why not consider walking a dog for cash. It’s a great way to get some exercise and make a bit of money. 

  1. Rent a Drive 

If you live near a significant employer, particularly a hospital and don’t use your driveway or leave it empty all day you can make money renting your driveway that’s a lower price than it costs to park in conventional car parks. 

  1. Paid Research

If you live near a University, you might be able to make money taking part in some of their page research trials. You have to meet the criteria, which could be a health condition, age group, or gender-based study. 

  1. Pet Sitting

While there are many places where people can leave their dogs and cats when they go on holiday, small, caged animals like hamsters and rabbits are more complicated. If you own your own home and have space, you could offer a pet sitting service. 

  1. Poop Picking 

Those lucky enough to live near stables or kennels could also find they can be employed as a poop picker. The most menial of work that no one else wants to do but if you’re happy to get your hands muddy as it were, you can make some cash. 

  1. Sell Your Craft

You can make some money selling your craft if you can knit hats or scarves or crochet blankets. 

  1. Extras

Keep your eye on local productions, and you may be lucky enough to get picked as an extra for filming television shows and movies. 

  1. Babysitting

There is still good money to be made from being available at the weekend when lockdowns have been lifted and babysitting other people’s kids. 

  1. Sell on eBay

Have a good clean out and sell your stuff on eBay.

  1. Run Errands

Collect shopping, pick up prescriptions and more for those who can’t get out.