Gogodoc Support NHS COVID-19 Hubs

Gogodoc is a private GP service that is delighted to support the NHS COVID -19 Hubs located in Southall, Hanwell, Ealing and Acton.

GP led Covid-19 Hubs have been set up in various areas nationally to diagnose and advise patients who are currently not in hospital. These hubs are effective in lessening the horrendous pressures on hospitals by reducing unnecessary admissions, freeing up bed capacity in hospitals and supporting hospital staff. This ability to lessen pressure proves essential to our national health system during the current crisis. GPs working in Covid Hubs review patients with potential infection of COVID-19, support patients who require a face-to-face review and follow-up patients recently seen to maximise patient care in the community.

A GP from Gogodoc, Dr. Shermila Skandakumar stated,
“The medical community are working tremendously hard together to combat Covid-19. Our aim is to decrease the rate of COVID-19 cases as quickly as possible, improve outcomes for patients and ease the pressure on our hospitals and medical staff. At Gogodoc we are proud and committed to support the NHS during such pressurised times providing our GP home visit service and improve community care”.

By working in union with the NHS, Gogodoc is providing a safe GP home visiting service for vulnerable patients improving community care. Gogodoc have been rated “Good” from the Care Quality Commissioning group due to their safe and efficient patient centered approach run by highly trained GPs.

As well as the home visit service, Gogodoc provides expert and convenient medical care through phone and video consultations for those who quickly need to speak to a doctor. Alongside this they also offer a prescription service to ensure medication reaches people the same day.

Spokesperson for Gogodoc:
Raj Siva 07738953572

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