How a Sunday morning family breakfast routine inspired an NFT universe

10,000 digital toast pieces will pop up on Ethereum in February, with holders getting a free ticket to ToastPunk World: An augmented reality like no other

January 2021

A food-themed NFT metaverse inspired by a simple family breakfast-making routine is officially expanding in 2022 – welcoming thousands of new followers and creating investment opportunities.  

After spending Sunday mornings entertaining his kids by creating faces on pieces of toast, father Matthew Ng was inspired to turn these characters into NFTs. 

The breakfast-themed collection ToastPunk has since become a smash hit – with celebrities like Jason Derulo and Paris Hilton part of the burgeoning online following.  

In 2022, the brand is cooking another batch of toast face characters – with 10,000 unique digital art pieces popping up onto the Ethereum blockchain from February. 

Matthew and fellow creators at Warrp are publishing a new chapter of the ToastPunk story: A prologue titled ToastPunk Genesis that stars a very unique set of characters to live on Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 NFTs. 

10 new toast friends have been created via a pioneering design method known as “Scrambled Trail Art” – which takes the exact same shapes, sizes and textures from a base set (of 10 original friends) and uses these traits to recreate whole new characters they can call their own. 

All 10,000 ToastPunk Genesis NFT holders will also enjoy free Early Settler access to ToastPunk World – an unparalleled augmented reality opening in the third quarter of 2022. 

1,000 NFTs will also contain a trait metadata called “upgradeable” – which entitles owners to a free airdrop of an upgradeable pass NFT and access to amazing perks. 

The voracious appetite for ToastPunk has only increased since its original launch in October 2021. It all started out as a little family game, when the trio of dad, son and daughter would rise together and make silly faces in their toast at breakfast. But today, ToastPunk has morphed into an entire universe of its own. 

Matthew said: “The idea for ToastPunk comes from the Sunday morning routine when me and my children used to make faces in toast at breakfast time. But later on, they surprised me and did it themselves. 

“As their mother lay sleeping and I left the house for work, the kids would use this little window of time to work on their secret breakfast designs and get up to no good. 

“My son would pass ingredients from the fridge and the pantry to my daughter – who would arrange the items on top of the toast and use their imagination to recreate their favourite characters from Disney and Nintendo games… before coming up with their very own toast personalities.

“ToastPunk Genesis is an ode to that mischievous and imaginative youthful spirit, inviting adults to engage with their inner child through a life-inspiring NFT collection.”

There are 10,000 ToastPunk Genesis NFTs up for grabs and every holder gets a pass to ToastPunk World. 

Matthew explains: “ToastPunk World is an augmented reality which simulates real life, allows players to get a job, start a business, and challenges them to find a way to keep energy and happiness bars in balance. 

“In future, users will also be able to access this world through their phones via a portal – with our aim to bring the real world and crypto/NFT world closer together.”

Warrp’s ToastPunk brand has already attracted more than 50 collaborations with various project owners and artists so far – including, FoodFrogs and Blockchain of Fame. 

The next phase of the metaverse, ToastPunk Genesis, will launch in February 2022. 

ToastPunk World is set to open in the autumn/winter. 

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