Keeping Your Skin Healthy in the Winter

You may not be able to control the temperature – but one thing you can control is your skin’s moisture.

Even though winter presents a lot of challenges for the skin, there are a dozen and one ways to maintain healthy skin in winter.

In this article, you will find out some of the DIY winter skincare routines that you can start applying today to keep your skin moisturized all day.

Why is My Skin so Bad in Winter?

The first thing you have to do is to figure out why your skin is bad in the first place. Agreed – winter can upturn all the efforts you have been making at following your skincare routine.

Yet, it wouldn’t hurt to find out some of the factors that could cause your skin to become itchy and dry in winter. Understanding these reasons would go a long way to help you find possible ways to take care of your skin in winter, naturally.

Some of the reasons why you have dry skin in winter are:

  • Excessive use of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) treatments, such as shaving and exfoliation can cause the skin to be stressed.
  • Environmental aggressors like heat, the sun, and excess wind can also cause your skin to dry out in winter.

 What is the Way Out?

When you notice the signs of dry skin, it points to the fact that your skin is at the expense of being damaged.

So, how do you take care of your skin in winter? Below are some of the possible line-of-actions you want to take to protect your skin in the winter:

1. Apply Sunscreen to the Exposed Parts of Your Body

Do not be tricked by the fact that your skincare products may be working against your skin in winter.

The only thing you need to do now is to apply skincare products that work perfectly in winter. Broad-spectrum sunscreen products are the real deal!

The idea is that when you apply sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15, your skin would not be much exposed to the damages caused by winter.

2. Skip Hot Bath

It is no longer business as usual, as far as bathing is concerned. You can do that during summer when it’s hot outside and everywhere becomes too hot for you.

But when the weather is cold, the last thing you want to consider for your skin is taking a hot bath.

It will be a bad idea because taking a hot bath can strip the much-needed moisture off your skin.

However, if you cannot make do without taking a hot bath – try to keep it to the minimum. If you have been bathing thrice a day, consider doing it just once to preserve your skin.

3. Add Humidity to Your Room

You may not find a portable air conditioner to take along with you, but you can find a humidifier that can fit into the tiniest of places.

It is an excellent investment that will bolster your steps to find out how to fix stressed skin. The humidifier adds moisture to dry winter air.

No matter where you are (in the office or at home), you will always find a humidifier that can moisturize the room and keep your skin hydrated.

4. Gently Exfoliate Your Skin

Now that you know that your skin is in danger, you wouldn’t want it to hurt it further. If you must exfoliate your skin, do it gently so that you don’t stress your skin more than it has been.

Also, consider using an exfoliating mask, because it will facilitate penetration of your moisturizer, as well as slough off dead winter skin with ease.

Keep Your Skin Healthy in Winter

You can protect your skin in winter when you start taking practical steps to reduce the factors that cause stress.

Investing in winter skincare products wouldn’t be a bad idea too.

How do you protect your skin in the winter? Feel free to share your thoughts via the comments section!