Reel2Media is tackling teraphobia (aka fear of monsters!) with a new Amazon Alexa Skill – ‘Monster Guard’, offering a fun way to help parents get anxious children to sleep.

Monster Guard ‘scans’ kids bedrooms for scary creatures before activating a ‘sonic forcefield’ to keep them away. More than just a utility, the interactive skill is hosted by a friendly monster called ‘Monty’ who provides a reassuring experience that helps children to take control of their fears and sleep scare free throughout the night.

The ‘forcefield’ might not be real but Monster Guard strikes a balance between providing reassurance to children whilst also tapping into the power of their imagination. The scan function only ever reassures kids there are no monsters in the room however Monster Guard also adds elements of excitement with occasional monster sighting updates.

Talking about the inspiration behind the skill Reel2Media Co-Founder Anthony Gay said: “Teraphobia can cause considerable anxiety for many children and is a real problem for parents. While it may seem counterintuitive to create a skill that appears to validate a child’s fears, this is exactly the practice many paediatricians and child psychologists recommend. Often, they’ll suggest actions that empower a child, allowing them to take control of their fear. A popular recommendation is ‘Monster spray’. Monster Guard offers a new tech-based spin on this concept while adding all important humour and charm which experts say helps further alleviate a child’s fears. Monster Guard is an effective tool for reducing bedtime drama and should prove to be of significant benefit to families with young kids”.

Talking about his own experience with Monster Guard, fellow Reel2Media Co-Founder Mike Thomas added: “The difference Monster Guard has made with my own kids has been incredible, but I think what really elevates this skill is the character Monty. With his heart-warming backstory and friendly, reassuring tone, Monty is the soul of the experience. We really believe Monster Guard could be a total game changer for parents with teraphobic tots and we can’t wait for them to experience it”.

Monster Guard is now available in both the UK and North America from the Alexa Skills Store, or just say “Alexa, open Monster Guard” to get started.


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