Tochka bank appoints Variti to prevent DDoS attacks

Variti protects Tochka bank – the world’s first online-only bank for businesses – by efficiently combating DDoS attacks and without compromising genuine users.

Tochka, the world’s first online-only bank focused on businesses and entrepreneurs, has a goal to simplify the financial world for existing and emerging organisations. No offices, queues, bureaucracy or excessive formality.

To date, it has more than 300,000 entrepreneur users with around a thousand new customers joining daily.

Variti first connected with Tochka in 2017, after an inquiry about protecting their core solution (along with the website and 3D Secure authentication) from DDoS attacks was made.

DDoS came along…in stepped Variti

The enquiry was made because Tochka bank was experiencing an active DDoS attack – immediate and quick action was needed. Within hours Variti’s team had stopped the attack and established a stable protection on the network and transport layers (L3 & L4).

An IT Security Architect at Tochka bank commented: ‘I was impressed by how Variti handled our DDoS attack. The team members were highly professional, knowledgeable and efficient. Their attitude and expertise put me at ease despite the crisis situation and I was very happy to have the issue resolved on the same day.’

Variti for the long run

Once the attack was resolved, Tochka bank decided to work with Variti on improving its risk management strategy and overall security. This decision was based on the positive first impressions as well as Variti’s ability to meet the bank’s long term needs and priorities.

‘Modern banks are one of the key targets for cyber criminals. Since Tochka bank is an online-only financial organisation for business needs, having all-level security is crucial. Thanks to Variti, our traffic is now filtered through their nodes where bots are easily blocked…thus we are effectively removing all automated cyber threats to our company, solutions, services and most importantly customers.’, says the IT Security Architect.

Also Variti’s expertise and previous experience with protecting companies that process transactions on a big scale: banks, microcredit organisations, and large online stores was invaluable for Tochka.

Banks at risk

Banks have been the favourite target for cyber criminals for a while now. According to a cyber security report by Carbon Black, 67% of the banks and other financial organisations experienced multiple attempted cyber attacks in 2019. Many hackers launched automated attacks that successfully stole data or money, or otherwise disrupted business. Meanwhile, only 37% of respondents described their banks’ ability to prevent DDoS attacks as effective.

If you want to keep your infrastructure safe from DDoS and other automated abuse, contact Variti to get your free trial today.

Read the full case study here: Protecting Tochka bank from DDoS attacks

About Variti

Variti is a global provider of bot mitigation, fraud detection and DDoS attack prevention.

Variti provides a comprehensive defense using its proprietary technology Active Bot Protection, which combines real-time intelligence and deep analytics to block attacks instantly without compromising user experience.

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