Eastleigh Online is helping voters in Eastleigh understand who to vote for in May local elections

Today, most Eastleigh residents do not really understand who they are voting for Eastleigh Borough’s local elections. Ask yourself; how often do you actually know the candidate name before you tick the box? Imagine if you could easily ask a public question to your candidate, and they would answer publicly for everyone else to learn from? Now you can! https://eastleigh.online/hustings. Eastleigh Online will then invite candidates to answer your questions and publish the results.

“It’s time we reconnected people with local politics, and had an open conversation” – Adam.

Once you post your question, Eastleigh Online makes it immediately available for everyone to see, and anyone can contribute or discuss the question. Candidates can either get involved immediately or wait until closer to May when Eastleigh Online will write to all candidates and ask them to answer the top questions.

Eastleigh Online is a relatively new community discussion forum. Its aim is to improve open discussion on issues affecting the area beyond the constant engagement and fire and forget nature of Facebook. Anyone can take part in the discussion either through the web page, Apple or Android apps. Positive contributors rewarded with a promotion in features and responsibility.

“I like to keep informed of local issues but I cant stand the stress and negativity of Facebook so was glad I could participate away from that” – Samantha

To post a question: https://eastleigh.online/hustings

To get involved in Eastleigh community discussions, join today at https://eastleigh.online, or search “Eastleigh Online” on your mobile app store.

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