Optimise your face mask to kill coronavirus and it’s variants for 24 hours from one application.

Germ-Block Face Mask Optimiser was tested by Professor Charles Gerba, Ph.D. in July 2020 at Arizona State University USA, for efficacy against SARS-Cov-2 Coronavirus (Human Coronavirus 229E), with these results:

Contact time with virus 10 minutes 99.9%  reduction
60 minutes 99.98% reduction
120 minutes 99.991% reduction

The optimiser is a liquid spray applied to the mask and allowed to air dry. It attaches to the mask using covalent bonds, during the drying process, and remains active for 24 hours from this one application. It will be effective on any mask fabric, enabling that mask to be worn all day as it will also kill most other pathogens and so help it to remain germ-free.

This mask coating attacks the virus by rupturing its outer layer or membrane, also known as its envelope, (killing by lysis), effectively eliminating all new mutant variants.

Unlike other parts of the virus, the membrane remains the same regardless of any type of mutation. Hence this way of attacking the pathogen will work on any new variants, including the Kent and South African.

In fact you could mutate the entire genome of the virus and it would have no effect on the envelope. Germ-Block will give the same response regardless of the strain of virus because structurally they are almost all the same.

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