7 Reasons Why You Should Move to North Cyprus Land

Sometimes we make up our mind to relocate to any other place. There could be many reasons why anyone would want to move to any other state. People relocate to other places for spending retirement life, starting a business, getting a higher education and there could be many purposes. People have the right to move to any place according to their personal choice but where to relocate?

North Cyprus Land

Cyprus is located in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. This island country is the 3rd most popular island in the whole Mediterranean and is a part of the European Union. Cyprus is further divided into North and South parts but if we talk about North Cyprus then this state is amazing to move in. North Cyprus is one of the emerging and developing states in the region.

Key Reasons to Move to North Cyprus

Every place has its own uniqueness and specialty, some are known for the best resorts or food points. When it comes to North Cyprus, there is almost everything that you could expect from any well-established state. Let’s have a look at some core reasons why you should relocate to North Cyprus.

  • Safety
  • Sunny Weather
  • Beautiful Places
  • Standard Education
  • Low Living Cost
  • Business Opportunities
  • Easy Citizenship

Let’s have a look at each reason in detail to get to know more about why you should move to this Northern land.

1- Safety

First thing first, the safety of any land is very important for local citizens and foreigners. This land is not full of crowds and the people here are very friendly. As this state is growing and in the developing stages, so there are no such risks of terrorism or violence. You would be glad to know that this island comes in 3rd position in the list of top low crime rates cities in Europe. The best thing for old people is to relocate, buy any property in North Cyprus and enjoy their retirement life in peace and comfort.

2- Sunny Weather

Talking about the weather, this land offers the longest summer season in the year more than any other state in that region. The weather of northern land stays sunny for almost 10 months in a year. North Cyprus is grabbing the attention of many tourists around the World because of more summer months. This is the perfect island to enjoy stunning beaches in that sunny weather in a healthy and friendly environment. North Cyprus can be considered as the top hot spot for spending holidays in Europe.

3- Beautiful Cities

There is no lack of beautiful places in the area of North Cyprus. Being one of the historic islands, North Cyprus has a lot of lovely sites to offer. There are beaches, bars, hotels, ancient buildings and much more that people can spend their time at. If we talk about its beautiful cities then every city of this land has its own uniqueness and history.

Let’s have a look at some best cities to visit in North Cyprus land.

  • Nicosia: This is one of the oldest divided capitals in Europe. You can visit different museums, historic walls, and churches in this city. There are many properties for sale in Nicosia that tourists or citizens can approach easily.
  • Famagusta: Another amazing city to visit in North Cyprus. There are different old spots to visit like Royal Palace, Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque, Sinan Pasha Mosque, and Othello Castle.
  • Kyrenia: Kyrenia is one of the all-time favorite cities of everyone. This city has walls, castles, restaurants and many other places to visit. Kyrenia’s properties in northern Cyprus have more value than others, so most of people prefer to live here.

Besides these three cities, many other cities in this city are historic and beautiful enough to attract locals and tourists.

4- Standard Education

In this competitive world, it is very important to acquire a high education in order to survive. Almost every parent wants their children to get a quality education, so this is the island you should move to for getting standard education. This land has many international universities with qualified faculty aiming to provide the best education in the region. Over 60,000 are getting educated in the international universities of North Cyprus and these students come from 100 different countries.

5- Low Living Cost

As we have discussed earlier, North Cyprus is still in the developing stages. If we talk about the cost of living, properties in northern Cyprus are cheaper than properties in the southern part. Prices of properties on this island are increasing every year but still, you can afford to buy or rent a North Cyprus property in its cheaper cities. This is the perfect time to relocate and settle in North Cyprus.

6- Business Opportunities

North Cyprus is one of the best places to start any business. Investors’ flow towards this island is getting more and more every year. This is the land of opportunities and offering a wide range of options to start your business. There are two main sectors in which you can start your business in North Cyprus land.

●     Real Estate Sector

The industry of real estate in North Cyprus is gaining so much momentum and interest. This is the sector where you will get success if you want to start a business in North Cyprus. As discussed above, property in North Cyprus is cheaper as compared to South Cyprus. If you want to invest big in this island, then buy properties and put your North Cyprus properties for sale.

Dozens of tourists do visit this island every year, you can also put your North Cyprus apartments on rent in order to facilitate those tourists. Doing this will keep giving you good revenue throughout the year.

●     Tourism Sector

Tourism can actually improve the economic conditions of any state. The economy of North Cyprus is growing rapidly with a rise of interest by businessmen. This is the industry that you should invest in but how to do so?

Investment in the Real Estate sector will let you invest in the Tourism sector. Confused? All tourists would have to take apartments to rent in Northern Cyprus during their stay, so why don’t you offer them your own North Cyprus apartments on rent? That’s how you will be able to facilitate tourists by investing in the real estate sector. Buying resorts, hotels, restaurants, and other types of properties will create more facilities for tourists.

7- Easy Citizenship

Acquiring citizenship is the main concern of every single person who wants to relocate to any other place. It is very difficult to grab the citizenship of some countries because of their strict policies and laws. Well, that’s not the case with North Cyprus Land because there are some flexible and easy laws with no such hard restrictions.

If you want to move to North Cyprus and look forward to becoming a permanent citizen then just buy any North Cyprus property. Let’s find out what is required to apply for full citizenship of North Cyprus.

Requirements for full citizenship

  • Invest some amount in North Cyprus bank.
  • Buy any property in this Northern Land.
  • Own that property for at least 5 years.

After fulfilling these requirements, you will become eligible to apply for full citizenship. If we take a deep look at this policy then it suits you more than it suits the government. Besides being a permanent citizen, you would become the owner of a property in North Cyprus.


After exploring opportunities and good things about North Cyprus, we would recommend everyone to visit this place. People can easily relocate and become permanent citizens of North Cyprus. From weather to business, there is a lot to do on this fabulous island which is why you should prefer moving to North Cyprus land.