Bathroom Improvement Tips For 2021

So, you’ve renovated your lounge, kitchen, and every bedroom in the house when you got bored in 2020? Well, now it is time for your bathroom. Create a space you can’t wait to be in. Get rid of that dampness and mould and build the best bathroom you can for yourself and your family.

Towel Radiators

Get a towel rail radiator for your bathroom and sink into the luxury of it when you first get your dry, hot towel off the radiator. Choose a bright colour that stands out in your bathroom and turn it into a centerpiece. Feel warm and happy each time you shower, safe in the knowledge the bathroom is well heated and warm.

Children’s Showers

These are great if you have children as it means they can get washed and cleaned without splashing so much water everywhere or soaking you as you try and help them with the shower connection.

They have CoolContact technology so the showerhead doesn’t burn their hands and has an easy slider on the shower pipe so that children can adjust it.


Dry out the room entirely and scrub down the walls. Once you have done this repaint with special bathroom paint, scrape out the old mastic and replace it once every couple of years. This will keep under the floor dry and keep your space feeling fresh. If damp is still a problem, you can buy water absorbers for under the window sill or add an air vent.

Air Vent

Fit a vent so you can get rid of the steam. This will eliminate damp and mould. It needs a way to escape and so many houses are poorly designed. Fit an extractor that turns on when you switch the light on, but that goes off on a timer. This way you won’t have to listen to the sound of it the entire time you have a bath or shower.


Provide yourself with ample storage options in the bathroom. You don’t want to be surrounded by half-full shampoo bottles and hairy razors. Having organized and stylish storage will keep it feeling clean and tidy in the room and in your soul.


You don’t need to take out the lighting that is already there to make your bathroom a heavenly haven. Have a look online for led lighting options. Turn the lights off in your bathroom and decide how you want it to feel when you are in there with your extra lights.

Take a moment to visualize what relaxes you most, and place the lights away from eye height when you are in the bath so you can read a book without being blinded. You can buy colour changing lights if you want to go all out too.

When you switch on the main lights and the mood lights on, you will find yourself in a well-lit area for maximum visuals when you do a deep clean.

There are loads of ways you can improve your bathroom, go on, give it a go and see where your creativity takes you.