Sitemorse partners with Digital Agency, Ixis to offer a Free Tool That Helps Marketers Publish Better Content Faster

Sitemorse (, has partnered with Digital Agency, Ixis ( to offer a free tool that enables marketing teams to shorten their digital content review processes and get content published quicker.

Results from a survey conducted by Ixis in 2020 showed that marketers were frustrated by shifting priorities within their role. The tool empowers content editors to take control of their content making it more accessible, SEO-friendly and fixing other issues that affect a customer’s experience.

The Sitemorse Lite tool, created by Ixis, uses Sitemorse’s software and works within the website CMS, Drupal. It reports on issues that require fixing and encourages marketing and IT teams to focus on individual pages and problem areas.

Lawrence Shaw, Sitemorse CEO said “Never has digital been more critical than now and with increasing pressures to publish new content, organisations risk short-cutting quality controls which may result in content failure and reputational damage. This tool enables content to be checked, within the CMS, before it is published thus supporting the imperative to deliver better content faster.”

Dan, Digital Strategy Director at Ixis said “Marketing teams are under huge amounts of pressure to constantly deliver high quality campaigns. They’ve had to shift offline campaigns into digital masterpieces overnight. We partnered with Sitemorse to help marketing and IT teams create high quality content for their users one page at a time utilising their own Drupal website admin area. “

“Many tools require you to access the report on their website without embedding it into the backend of your website where you’re making the changes. You end up looking at the full picture, which feels like a mountain not a molehill and are unable to focus on one problem area at a time”

The Sitemorse Lite module for Drupal is completely free to download and can be installed by your IT team or agency from ( The tool requires a Sitemorse license – subscriptions costs vary from £0 per month which allows 15 page checks per month and can be upgraded to the premium service for £9 per seat, per month which allows unlimited page checks.

Sitemorse is offering the premium service free until the end of March after which time it will be charged at £9 per month.

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