A Powerful & Affordable Healthcare Marketing Platform Has Been Launched by The Brains Marketing Group

A powerful and affordable healthcare marketing platform, Rocket Healthcare Marketing, has been launched by The Brains Marketing Group. The platform was developed by The Brains Marketing Co-Founder Jonathan Lemer and Head of Growth Charly Chow, in collaboration with a team of highly skilled and experienced healthcare marketing specialists.

Rocket Healthcare Marketing makes it possible for B2B and B2C healthcare providers of all kinds, in all locations, to grow patient lists, reduce unnecessary costs, and boost revenue by up to 50%. Our powerful, patient-centred platform combines the latest marketing strategies, tools, AI and automations to deliver incredible ROI. Clients can access our marketing, training, consultancy and web development services from as little as £420, and change, pause, boost or stop services when they like. Specialist Rocket Pilots oversee ROI and recommend the best approach for every client.

“Rocket Healthcare Marketing’s unique Growth Accelerator platform blends powerful AI and automations with the latest healthcare marketing techniques and patient-centred creative, boosting client revenue by up to 50%. Healthcare companies access the best healthcare marketing, training, consultancy and website development services from as little as £420. It’s the future of healthcare marketing, designed to help companies grow faster.” – Jonathan Lemer, Rocket Healthcare Marketing CEO & Co-Founder, The Brains Marketing Group.

Rocket Healthcare Marketing offers flexible website development and marketing solutions that scale as companies grow. Clients can switch marketing on, off, pause or boost activity whenever they like, and there are no long contracts or commitments. They can also access consultancy, training and website development services starting at just £99.

The company has developed Growth Accelerator, a complete marketing solution that helps companies all over the world to grow faster on a modest budget. In addition, PatientPath and CareVision are proprietary tools that give clients deeper insights into how their patients feel, what patients are looking for, and how to retain them better, as well as how their marketing campaigns are performing.