Sterling Chandler showcases style in candid Instagram snaps

Sterling Chandler took to Instagram to show off his unique style in a few candid snaps. Fashion sense no doubt comes natural to this teenage celebrity photographer. He was wearing a black designer puffer jacket paired with a Stussy hoodie as well as an incredibly vibrant orange Carhartt trouser. Other snaps also showed him wearing white Levis jeans.

You may already know Sterling Chandler, he is a 17-year-old photographer who has made headlines over the last few months as he was named the youngest photographer ever to have work published in GQ Magazine.

Sterling regularly gives his followers an insight into fashion from his Instagram stories, and I have to say we love them!

It comes after an announcement from his social channels confirming he will be working with a ‘big brand’ as well as reports he has been filming in London for a new TV series.

Sterling has no doubt been busy over the last few months. From working on shoots for GQ and Gucci this teenage rising star is taking the industry by storm day by day. We can’t wait to see what he has in store next for us!