Printful Vs. Printify : Which Is The Best Print On Demand For You?

Creating branded t-shirt can earn someone good money if done the right way. Unlike the older days when one would require all the money to cater for the production of the printed t-shirts, money to pay the workers and much more, nowadays all one needs to venture into such a nice hustle is just a clear decision. Printful vs Printify are among the two most popular t-shirt printing companies. The two services provide almost similar services, but due to some factors, many consider one company better than the other. This piece is there to guide anyone who would like to know the right printing company.

Printful VS. Printify? Let compare!

There are several advantages of choosing printify or Printful. The good thing is that all the companies have varying benefits and disadvantages. Without further ado, let embark on the main discussion. Those things are;

Printful or printify allows one to avoid production cost

Starting a t-shirt printing company is not a simple thing. That is because one requires a lot of money to cater to all the processes. Therefore, opting for any of the two pod companies becomes crucial. That is because the company will cater to all the costs until the product gets sold.

The Printful allows the design to set the right price for his/her t-shirts. The other advantage of working with Printful is that it gives one a calculator to count the profit. Unlike the usually tedious process that one would get involved in packaging the products and shipping, the Printful pod company will do everything to wait for the money. Due to the various integrations with many ecommerce sites, selling your ready-printed t-shirt becomes simple.


Although printify works in almost a similar way as Printful, several things differentiate between printify and Printful. Unlike the previously discussed pod, one needs to pay to the printify before getting any services. Some of the essential things to provide when dealing with printify include the website for the business, contact, and contact details.

Printify offers a variety of designs

Regardless of what one needs to print and supply to the customers, printify got the entire designer’s help. The printify goes to an extra mike for printing other products such as bags, iPhone cases, mugshots, and many more, not only the t-shirts. Therefore, for people dealing with a variety of orders, printify becomes the right option.

What customers say about printify and Printful?

According to the customers’ various reviews, Printful is the best rated when providing the best quality to the clients. Another thing to know about printify is that the company may not be printing itself due to the varying qualities.

Comparison between the interface of Printful vs. printify

When comparing the usability of the two pod stores’ interfaces, it is clear that the usability for both is good. That is according to the reviews, many people have used the services.

Price comparison

Reviews indicate that Printful is more effective when it comes to price comparison. That is because one needs to pay after the customer has made an order. Unlike printify that requires one to register even without selling anything.

Ease of uploading designs on printify vs. Printful

The other essential part to consider when determining the best POD service to hire is the ease of uploading different designs. Since both the pod services offer useful features of uploading and working on the designs, the Printful features are more effective than those on the printify. That is because most of the printify tools are set by default.

Which Pod services to hire between Printful and printify?

Lastly, comparing all the aspects, it is clear that many people consider Printful as the best print-on-demand services provider. That is because of the improved quality that they provide and quality customer support.