Gambling Addiction and Online Poker

When you think of gambling related problems you will often associate them with betting shops or land based casinos and people who bet and gamble in such places, and whilst it is true to say many people can experience problems at such venues, some people can and do experience problems when playing poker too.

That fact is one that has certainly not gone unnoticed by the UK Gambling Commission, who have been rolling out a slew of different additional rules and regulations, to ensure each of their licensed poker site operators have in place a range of responsible gambling policies.

Not only that but each of those licensed poker sites are required by law in Great Britain to offer each of their players several different tools that they can make use of when they log into their real money online poker site accounts to help them stay in control when playing and gamble responsibly.

As for just what form those tools take, well they include players being able to request a take a break option for one, and once taken their accounts will be locked and will be accessible to them for any number of days or weeks as requested by the player so that can gather their thoughts and stay away from the poker tables.

If you want to avoid the risk of you ever signing up to a poker site not on GamStop then simply download a gambling site blocker tool on your computer or laptop or even both, that way you will find that software will not permit you to visit any gambling websites and will block you from having access to any such sites, so get a blocker installed on your devices today is my advice.

Also, players can set a deposit limit too, and the value of that deposit limit is chosen by a player as too is the period of time it will stay in place on their real money poker site accounts for.

When It is Time to Call It Quits

I know that for some people who have decided to give up gambling they will be always fearful of admitting to themselves and others that they have such a problem, but there is plenty of help and support always available.

It may feel like a dark or scary place admitting to others that you do have a gambling problem, but as soon as you do so and then start to reach out for help and support with that problem things will start to get much better.

What you need to do though, if you are one of the many and ever growing number of people who do decide to give up gambling altogether each day of the week, is to plan the way you are going to address that problem.

I would encourage you to visit websites such as the one offered by GamCare as there is a lot of practical advice for you on that website and do if you can do so attend a local meeting of Gamblers Anonymous as you will be amazed at how helpful those group sessions will be.

Also, try and get on over to the GamStop website and add your name today onto their self-exclusion register for by doing so they will then contact all poker and all other gambling site operators licensed in Great Britain and self-exclude you from those sites, thus immediately stopping you for gambling at those sites once you add your name onto that register.

How to Avoid Gambling Sites

One other thing I would like to draw your attention to, much more so if you want to stop gambling, is that even if you do make a concerted effort to sign up to schemes such as the one offered by GamStop, you will still run the risk of giving into temptation and gambling online.

I say that due to the simple fact that there are lots of poker sites and lots of other gambling related websites and apps that will let anybody sign up to them as a new customer which are not licensed in the UK and therefore those sites and apps are not required to self-exclude anyone on that register offered by GamStop.

That is something you need to be aware of for sadly many people who give up gambling or are trying to may at some point in time during their recovery get the overbearing urge to gamble online and will go hunting for a site that will allow them to do so.