Corterum: SM&CR compliance made simple

London, United Kingdom

Innovative compliance management solution makes it easy for SMEs to discharge their responsibilities under the SM&CR.

Corterum, from Parallel 51 Ltd, today launches its innovative Senior Manager and Certification Regime (SM&CR) compliance solution to the market. Corterum has been designed from the ground up to provide a comprehensive yet easy to use web platform to manage the various obligations with which firms subject to the SM&CR are legally obligated to comply.

Where other compliance solutions are either aimed at larger corporate clients or are packaged as components of larger HR or regtech solutions, Corterum is specifically designed to offer full and ongoing SM&CR compliance management, at a price point that makes sense for small and medium businesses. These companies often lack the time, knowledge or resources to manage their obligations under the SM&CR in-house.

Corterum enables these businesses to provide full and complete evidence of their compliance efforts, from supplying and obtaining regulatory reference requests for new employees and ex- members of staff, to managing fit and proper assessments, and all of the other compliance processes in between. And with full version control and audit trails, compliance can be easily evidenced over time.

“There are over 50,000 firms in the United Kingdom today that are subject to the Regime,” Michael Beaton, CEO of Corterum stated. “These businesses range from large banks and asset managers down to small IFAs and even car dealerships, gyms and dentists. However, no matter the size of the business, the essential obligations under the SM&CR remains the same and everyone has a duty to comply. The current solutions on the market are either priced out of reach of many of these firms, or don’t supply the ongoing compliance support that they need. SM&CR will be an enduring obligation, and Corterum makes it simple and straightforward to meet it.”

With over a year of soft testing with selected pathfinder clients, Corterum is a proven, easy-to-use and complete solution for any firm’s SM&CR compliance needs. There are no lengthy contracts, and subscriptions start from £100 per month, which can be amended or cancelled at any time. It’s SM&CR compliance, made simple.

Corterum is available now at

About Corterum

Corterum is a regulatory compliance platform designed to eradicate the costs and time investment required to evidence compliance with regulations. Soft launched in 2020, the solution has been rigorously tested and reviewed in real-world conditions and now delivers a full-featured, easy to use compliance management solution, for the whole market.

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