Reedley Marina – First Impressions

No way is there a marina in Burnley and if there is it can’t be proper.  These were the thoughts going through my mind as I stumbled across an online discussion referencing somewhere called Reedley Marina in Burnley. After all, I’d lived in Lancashire all my life and had owned boats for years, so how was I unaware of a marina so close to home? A prompt google search and a twenty-minute drive later and sure enough, a sign for Reedley Marina!

As I drove through the gates my first impression was disbelief. Not only had I arrived at a ‘proper’ marina, it boasted its own licensed eatery conveniently open to the public. I excitedly parked in the visitor bays and headed into the bistro where I was stunned by wrap-around glass balconies with seating overlooking a not so little piece of heaven on earth and, home for up to 100 vessels surrounded by breathtaking open countryside.

On the one hand, the setting is moments from a down-to-earth northern town yet there I was in what I can only describe as a calm oasis devoid of any trace of everyday life beyond the surrounding natural beauty.

By the time I’d finished my coffee I’d already made what was to become a life-changing decision. I’d decided this was where I wanted to call home for the foreseeable future. And, as they say, the rest is history. The best decision I’ve ever made. I love my life less ordinary and each and every day I count my blessings to have discovered the hidden gem that is Reedley Marina.