An innovative range of coir-based products under one platform ( prides itself in becoming one of the first companies in the UK and Northern Ireland to offer a vast array of exciting and innovative coir-based products under one platform. Attracting both the horticultural and erosion control sectors, brings goods that are ethically produced and sourced. was launched to cater to an urgent gap in offering high quality coir-based products at economical prices, with the company stakeholders bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience, having been in the industry since 2006. With its online shop, the coir products are easily accessible whether it’s for growing, gardening, or for protecting the soil from erosion.

Made out of natural fibre, extracted from the husk of the coconut, products offered by CoirProducts are 100% biodegradable, which means they decompose into the soil over time, having minimum harm on the environment. The use of coir allows for high water holding capacity and air porosity, which helps with the development of strong root systems that is essential for plant growth. With their products available in a variety of sizes, some of the industrial-level products for soil erosion control and riverbank stabilisation is also made easily accessible for application in backyards and in smaller project sites.

CoirProducts ensures that ethical practices are followed throughout the process of production and sourcing of products, laying particular emphasis on fair wages and fair work practices. At the same time, from the start of the manufacturing process, the company works towards empowering communities, including supporting the cottage industry and contributing towards rural economic development. Back at the factory, the company’s corporate social responsibility programmes focus on helping local children. In the UK, CoirProducts supports the Chestnut Tree House, contributing a portion every month towards their causes.

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