Your Mattress Matters: Why Your Bed’s Not Complete without a Topper

You can spend lots of money on comfy sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers, and throw blankets, but a bed truly isn’t complete without a mattress topper. Mattress toppers transform the sleeping experience by providing an upgraded level of comfort and support that contours to your body and ensure that you won’t sink into your bed or experience a stiff back or neck form a mattress that’s overly firm.

Bedsure offers two different types of mattress toppers- one in a quilted pattern and one featuring memory foam. If you haven’t yet made the move towards a mattress topper yet, here’s why it should be your next bedding purchase:

Unparalleled Comfort
When it comes to feeling like you’re sleeping on a cloud, nothing gets the job done like a plush mattress topper. The Bedsure Double Bed Mattress Topper features an innovative “7-Zone Design” which is made to properly support different areas on your body. The 7-zone design is a special feature as its density and thickness are varied in order to support the back, waist, and legs with different levels of firmness and comfort.

If memory foam is more your speed, Bedsure’s extremely breathable Memory Foam Mattress Topper can also transform your bed from acceptable to exceptional. This topper also features the unique 7-Zone design, which mirrors all of the varying hills and valleys your body contours into during sleep in order to relieve pressure points and promote whole-body relaxation. Both of these toppers instantly amp up sleeping comfort and offer support to the various points of your body that need it most.

High-Quality Construction
A great mattress topper begins with solid, reliable construction. The Bedsure quilted mattress topper is made with 100% microfiber, which is ideal if the heat in your home is on throughout the night and you get a little too warm under your blankets. It’s super soft, breathable, and most importantly guards the actual mattress against stains, hair, and dead skin.

The memory foam topper is also constructed to contour to all the different curvatures of your body and to create an even weight distribution throughout the bed. Made with high-density, 7cm- thick memory foam, this topper won’t sink or lose shape over time and helps you to sleep soundly and comfortably through the night, every night.

Convenient Fitted Sheet Style
Each Bedsure mattress topper is designed with ease and functionality in mind. The quilted cover features a 38-centimeter skirt with elastic sides that slip onto the body of the mattress. Similarly, the memory foam topper is equally as easy to put on and remove and features non-slip backing to prevent the topper from sliding around as you sleep.

Easy to Clean
Both the quilted topper and the memory foam topper are made for easy removal, washing, and reassembling. The elastic bottom of the quilted topper makes it a breeze to remove and wash, and the topper will fluff back up and return to its shape after washing. Similarly, the memory foam topper has an easy zipper mechanism to remove the outer cover for easy washing. No odors, piling or static, just a durable topper that lasts for years and makes sleeping the experience it should be cozy and comforting.

About Bedsure
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