Prolifics and MANTA Join Forces

Prolifics and MANTA Join Forces

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, 16th March, 2021 – In a first of its kind for the UK market, London-based Prolifics, a leader in software engineering and digital innovation consulting, today announced a strategic partnership with MANTA, a world-class data lineage platform provider.

MANTA’s automated lineage platform allows its users to understand how data flows and transforms throughout its journey across all systems. A complete and understandable map of all data sources, flows, transformations, and dependencies enables data users to assign context to their data, which is a gateway to developing data-driven strategies, making informed decisions, complying with data privacy regulations, and implementing overall data governance.

In this partnership, MANTA’s data lineage expertise will play an important role as Prolifics helps clients with their digital transformations, such as modernising and integrating systems, moving to the cloud, automating processes, and applying sophisticated analytics by enabling DataOps.

Frank Mulligan, Prolifics UK General Manager, said, “Everything that’s important in today’s environment – like updating legacy systems, responding quickly to changing customer demands, creating innovative new applications – depends on trusted data. And what makes data trusted? Knowing where it came from, how it’s changed and where it is now. That’s why data lineage has become crucial in modern enterprise IT and why our partnership with MANTA is so important.” 

Tomas Kratky, MANTA’s CEO, said, “Data environments are getting more complex every day, which makes them hard to navigate, and prevents users from seizing their data. The partnership with Prolifics is an important step forward for MANTA in further developing the European data management market. Our solutions ensure high-quality, trustworthy, accessible data, giving Prolifics’ clients peace of mind as they continue with their digital transformation journeys, helping data users take control over their data pipelines with automated lineage discovery, so they can become truly data-driven businesses.” 

Prolifics UK and MANTA will be announcing a partnership kick-off event in upcoming weeks.

MANTA is a world-class data lineage platform that automatically scans your data environment to build a powerful map of all data flows and deliver it through a native UI and other channels to both technical and non-technical users. With MANTA, everyone gets full visibility and control of their data pipeline. Visit

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