eco-friendly coir bundles for kids

London UK, November 10th 2022: Having recognised the importance of gardening with children, at, we introduced a distinct range of coir bundles for kids. A first in the market, each coir bundle consists of natural and eco-friendly products that are ideal to get children helping around in the garden and growing their own plants and crops.

Our My Kid’s Playground bundle comes completely with a selection of coir pots (8cm), CoirCoins (25mm and 42mm), and coir discs (10cm), while our My Little Gardener bundle includes a selection of coir pots (5cm), CoirCoins (25mm), and coir discs (10cm). For older children, the My Secret Hobby coir bundle, includes a selection of our coir pots (10cm and 5cm), coir discs (10cm), and CoirCoins (25m and 38mm). The My Secret Hobby coir bundle also includes a notebook, made with recycled paper, that is perfect for children to keep a note of their gardening tasks and activities. These bundles also include a fun activities book for children that’s all about helping them get to know our coir products and their gardens better. The activity booklet was designed and introduced by CoirProducts to the market back in 2020.

Our coir kids bundles consist of natural, biodegradable, and peat-free products that are safe for children and the planet. Coir products are made with natural and organic material that is extracted from the husk of the coconut. There is minimal harm on the environment in producing or using our products, and all our products are made with the utmost care and concern for the planet. Furthermore, our CoirProducts coircoins are 100% biodegradable, including the cover. This is not always the case with these products in the market. The cover of the CoirCoins is made of polymer from corn starch, and from our inception, we have had this way.

Our products are fun and easy-to-use. With the CoirCoins and coir discs, just add water, and let the coir expand. CoirCoins are ideal for sowing a variety of seeds, so why not make a list of your favourite plants and see what you love to grow? You can also use them indoors or outdoors. Our coir discs are a natural coir potting mix. Once the coir expands, fluff and mix it up, fill the coir pots with the coir potting mix, and you are ready to get growing.

Letting children be responsible for their own plants is a great way to help them learn new skills and get them involved in gardening. And by caring for their plants, children can also learn some invaluable life lessons. Start on a small scale though, and see what your children love to grow. Talk to them about the importance of nature and how to care for plants as you go along. You can also get them involved in other tasks around the garden, like spotting wildlife. Older children might like their own gardening space. Getting children involved in gardening is a great way to help them learn new skills, gather knowledge, and develop a deep love for nature and the environment.

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