The personalised car-finding portal persuading drivers to plug in to the electric vehicle era

Wyre connects drivers to their perfect electric car – ensuring a simple switch and guaranteeing a greener future

The launch of a pioneering new electric vehicle portal is steering the planet towards a greener future – giving drivers the confidence to leave fuel behind and enjoy the benefits of energy-efficient models. 

Glasgow-based car-finding company Wyre specialises exclusively in electric vehicles: Using lifestyle, taste and budget to point drivers in the direction of the perfect zero-emissions model. 

Data shows the automobile industry needs to find new ways to accelerate interest in electric vehicles and slow climate change. Despite the Paris Accords treaty being signed in 2016, emissions numbers have continued to go in the wrong direction – with CO2 production rising from 39.1 billion tonnes to 39.9 billion tonnes in 2021.[1] Coal production is also still on the up – with 7.3 billion tonnes in 2016 climbing to 8.0 in 2021.[2]

According to the SMMT, registrations of electric cars in Britain rose more than 75% last year to over 190,000, accounting for one in every four cars sold in December 2021 [3]. However, electric vehicles still pale in comparison when placed against the 1.46 million internal combustion engine vehicles also sold in the same period, which is why further action is required – and quickly. 

That’s where Wyre comes in: A personalised portal turbocharging the shift away from fuel towards electric vehicles. 

One of the biggest hurdles to electric car sales is a public hesitancy of abandoning fuel vehicles which millions of people have driven for decades. The transition can often feel unsettling – but Wyre makes it easy. 

Not only does Wyre help drivers find a superior and cost-efficient electric vehicle similar to one they already own, it also teaches them everything they need to know about electric vehicle ownership – including charger installation info and charging point locations in their local area. 

Whilst doing their bit for the carbon footprint, drivers of electric cars in the UK are also eligible for some incredible financial benefits – qualifying for salary sacrifice schemes and exemption from vehicle tax. 

Rebecca Hansen, Director of Wyre, said: “Everyone will drive an electric vehicle – they’re cheaper to build, energy efficient, and better value for money in the long-term – but we need to speed that process up as a matter of urgency. 

“The main thing that’s holding people back is the prospect of change. It can be a big transition moving from a traditional car to an electric one. Driving – something that’s second nature for many – suddenly becomes unfamiliar, with the need to learn about chargers and controls. 

“Wyre doesn’t just point people in the direction of a great electric vehicle – our team also guide and advise buyers on how to power their cars, where to find charging points, how to install their own charging ports, and what financial benefits they might qualify for if they swap to electric. 

“We can guarantee you’re ready and feel confident to make the change – and the world is going to be a better place for it.”

Wyre is also launching a campaign for 2022 designed to commit 100,000 people to making their next car electric, with 1,000 actually making a purchase. 

Wyre’s parent company, Enersoft, is dedicating £50 million to the cause. 

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