Biggest esports team in Brazil announces deal with sponsor of FC Barcelona, Lyon, La Liga and ESL

Biggest esports team in Brazil announces deal with sponsor of FC Barcelona, Lyon, La Liga and ESL

1xBet will be a sponsor of the CSGO male and female teams with its brand appearing on the teams’ jerseys for three years.

MIBR, the biggest esports team in Brazil, has announced 1xBet as its new global sponsor. Founded in 2007, 1xBet became a global technology leader in gaming and online betting. Present in more than 130 countries, the new master sponsor also supports some of the world’s leading sports teams and sporting organisations, such as FC Barcelona (Spain), Olympique Lyonnais (France), La Liga (Spain’s national soccer league) and all global ESL tournaments.

The arrival of the new commercial partner was promoted along with the global sports marketing agency, SPORTFIVE. The agreement between 1xBet and MIBR encompasses the Counter-Strike GO female and male teams for three years years, as well as also supporting the launch of the project, “Be a legend”.

“These investments should intensify the pursuit of high performance by all our teams throughout 2022. We believe that this year will be productive and with a milder scenario in relation to the pandemic. We will invest in many bootcamps, tournaments, experiences, a possible return to our Gaming House in the United States, and who knows, hopefully some titles!”, says Roberta Coelho, CEO of MIBR.

1xBet representative, Alex Somers, added: “We are glad to be a partner of one of the most influential esports teams of the world and we are very enthusiastic about being part of his journey. We are anxious to see what the upcoming three years will bring for the organisation and its community of fans”.

About MIBR

MIBR is a leading esports brand with fans in Brazil and around the world. In fact, MIBR was the third most tweeted about team globally in 2020 by Twitter Gaming Insights. This news announcement definitively shows the strength of the MIBR tag alongside new brands that are showing support and investing for the growth of the whole of esports overall. 

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