Negative not welcome: Northern Irish media firm ditching bad news for good with new website

Northern Ireland, November 10th 2022: A Northern Irish media firm is ditching ‘bad news’ for good in a bid to banish negativity.

Emerald Green Media – the parent company behind sites such as Ireland Before You Die, Meanwhile in Ireland, and The World Bucket List – is launching its new platform Tell Me The Good News.

The idea for the site was born in Belfast during the strict Covid lockdown, when it became clear that negative stories were running the news agenda.

And Stevie Haughey, founder of Tell Me The Good News, found it a bit overbearing.

He said: “Whether it’s divisive politics and instability, wars, concerns over society’s physical and mental health, or increasing focus on climate change, it all gets a bit too much for me!

“During lockdown I got so fed-up with the constant negativity. I couldn’t find any good news websites with daily good news, so I made it my mission to make one”.

Now with the cost-of-living crisis and increasing food and fuel bills, individuals everywhere are feeling deflated on the run-up to Christmas.

But new research has shown that consumption of positive news leads to increased acceptance of others, a greater sense of community, and more motivation to contribute to social change.

Stevie added: “Having successfully grown several influential websites, we felt that our team could successfully launch a ‘good news’ website as we have the skills for it and there is a clear demand for it.

“In every corner of the world there are amazing acts of kindness and truly inspiring individuals doing incredible things to help all aspects of life on Earth. We believe they should be recognised and celebrated.

“Even if we bring one good news story to somebody new every day and leave them feeling more positive, we’ve done what we came here to do.”

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