•  OOONO CO-DRIVER promptly warns drivers of all types of speed cameras and road hazards
  • Two models to choose from based on user preferences and requirements
  • CO-DRIVER NO1 provides a simple and effective solution with audio-visual warnings, while CO-DRIVER NO2 elevates the experience with advanced features, including in-app navigation and seamless compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

London, 17 January 2024 – OOONO A/S, a Danish tech scale-up, marks its entry into the UK market by introducing the OOONO CO-DRIVER, a leading road safety device. The launch includes both models, CO-DRIVER NO1 and CO-DRIVER NO2. These devices are designed to provide drivers with timely alerts about different speed cameras and road hazards through clear audio and visual signals. By providing advance warnings, the CO-DRIVER enhances drivers’ focus on the road and their speed, ultimately contributing to increased traffic safety.

In response to the rising concern of distracted driving, the OOONO CO-DRIVER NO1 and NO2 promise to enhance road safety by keeping drivers focused on the road. With real-time alerts on speed cameras (fixed, mobile, and traffic lights) and road hazards (accidents, roadworks, debris, breakdowns), the CO-DRIVER relies on data from OOONOs community of users and data from the European database Blitzer.

Since its debut in Denmark in 2017, the CO-DRIVER has successfully expanded into various European markets, with a notable presence in Germany, where it has been ensuring the safety of drivers on the Autobahn and beyond. Now, UK motorists can also benefit from the safety features of the CO-DRIVER. The device’s effectiveness grows with each new user, enhancing its coverage of road hazards. Joining the already over 2 million thriving community across Europe, UK users contribute to creating a dynamic network that continually improves the safety and awareness provided by the CO-DRIVER.

These models, while working in the same way and offering similar benefits allow users the flexibility to choose based on their preferences and requirements. The CO-DRIVER NO1 is the company’s first road safety device that has already gained the support and trust of more than 2 million motorists. The CO-DRIVER NO2 is an enhanced version of the CO-DRIVER, boasting some advanced functionality such as in-app navigation.


The OOONO CO-DRIVER NO1 is designed to revolutionise road safety with its simplicity and effectiveness. This model provides audio-visual warnings using high-pitched beeps and blinking lights, alerting drivers to upcoming speed traps and hazards. Users can actively engage with the community by signalling or confirming the presence of cameras and hazards with single or double taps on the device.

With a subscription-free model, the CO-DRIVER NO1 ensures there are no hidden costs or commitments. Its in-app features include seamless data downloads and customisation options, allowing users to tailor their experience. The device boasts a replaceable battery with a life of up to one year, providing a hassle-free and reliable companion for hazard-aware driving.

RRP: £44.99

The OOONO CO-DRIVER NO1 is available to buy on Amazon:


Introducing the OOONO CO-DRIVER NO2, an advanced model that takes road safety to the next level. Equipped with high-pitched beeps and a distinctive LED ring, this device provides audio-visual warnings for speed traps, hazards, and even speed limits – alerting drivers if they exceed the speed limit. Building on community engagement, users can signal or confirm incidents with taps, and dismiss outdated warnings with a convenient button press.

The CO-DRIVER NO2 goes beyond with in-app navigation features and compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, included on a subscription basis with the first 12 months free. With a rechargeable battery and a magnetic mount for easy relocation, the CO-DRIVER NO2 combines functionality with innovation for a safer and more connected driving experience.

RRP: £69.99

The OOONO CO-DRIVER NO2 is coming soon – available to buy on Amazon from February.

Christian Walther Øyrabø, Founder & CEO of OOONO A/S, comments: “We are thrilled to bring both the CO-DRIVER NO1 and CO-DRIVER NO2 to the UK market. Our Road Safety Devices are a true support for drivers, allowing them to maintain high concentration while driving and avoid potential road hazards and speed cameras, all without having to look at their smartphone. Our aim is to provide drivers with options that cater to their specific needs, ensuring a safer and more focused driving experience and helping increase traffic safety.” 


Both the CO-DRIVER NO1 and CO-DRIVER NO2 stand out as simple and intuitive devices, automatically activating upon detecting movement, ensuring drivers can focus solely on the road rather than using a smartphone or navigating through an app.

Connecting to the CO-DRIVER is seamless, requiring users to download the app – ensuring easy connections, data downloads, community engagement, and customisation. To work correctly, data, Bluetooth, and GPS need to be active.

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