Steppr startup: free voucher ecosystem launches for businesses

LONDON, UK 17th January 2023 – Steppr has launched for businesses at the beginning of 2023. It is a new, simple-to-use platform offering full end-to-end voucher management and loyalty-focused marketing. The platform is free for businesses to use and your account setup doesn’t take more than a coffee break.

Steppr caters to businesses of all sizes, and is ideal for those without the budget or time to spend on sales and marketing campaigns – or those who want to incorporate additional revenue streams.
How does Steppr help businesses?
  • Complete voucher ecosystem: Issuance, marketing, campaign tracking, redemption, controls & more.
  • Real loyalty: Campaigns are geared towards customers repeating their voucher purchases.
  • Free for businesses: No upfront costs, no commission, no hidden costs.
How does Steppr help customers?
  • Unique deals: Steppr’s apps showcase exclusive vouchers.
  • Loyalty rewards: Vouchers have immediate discounts that increase with repeated purchases.
  • Voucher storage:  Apps conveniently store vouchers and show when redeemed – no need to search back through emails!
Some technical details: Businesses create bespoke voucher campaigns which include loyalty rewards for repeated purchases, which are displayed to potential customers on Steppr’s iOS and Android apps. Steppr’s ecosystem handles the technical operations related to voucher creation, marketing and redemption, making the process hassle-free. Customer payments for vouchers are sent directly to businesses, without Steppr taking a fee. Customers discover exclusive vouchers on Steppr’s apps, with immediate and increasing loyalty rewards. Vouchers are able to be redeemed straight away on the website of the issuing business, providing the issuer with multiple upselling opportunities. The apps will be publicly available soon.
Note: Steppr has initially launched for businesses whose websites are built using Shopify.