Meet Scott Dylan, Founder and Key Partner of Fresh Thinking Group

The sought-after investor acquires both healthy and distressed companies to turn around business performance and achieve impressive growth.

COVID-19 has had a detrimental effect on businesses throughout the UK, and many entrepreneurs are now unsure where to turn for support and funding. This is where the independent capital investment organisation Fresh Thinking Group (FTG) comes in. Since private equity and distressed M&A investor Scott Dylan launched FTG with co-founder Dave Antrobus in 2018, the firm has injected essential funding into numerous companies, enabling these businesses to map newfound approaches to market.

Funding and business guidance are now more important than ever for companies that have been affected by the pandemic, especially those that haven’t received enough government support. And plenty of businesses have been affected. FTG has found that there are currently 506,946 distressed companies in the UK. If you own one of these businesses, FTG can help.

Support for Healthy Businesses, Distressed Businesses, and Startups

Though based in Manchester, London, and Leeds, FTG serves healthy, distressed, and startup companies throughout Europe. The private equity disruptor provides healthy companies with capital injections, research and development (R&D), and industry-focused advice. Meanwhile, FTG provides distressed companies with decision-making advice, funding for all business departments, and independent reviews. And start-ups receive the seeds they need to improve their online visibility, attract good-fit clients, achieve long-term growth, and flourish in competitive markets.

Some of the businesses FTG has transformed include:

  • National logistics company GLB Transport
  • Parcel-delivery company Parcelwise
  • Serviced-office company Prospect Business Centres
  • On-demand laundry service Laundrapp
  • Creative agencies Brass and Neon
  • Mobile-development app Cuhu
  • Packet and parcel consolidator Caribou.

On top of this, FTG funds various groups, such as Orb and Inc & Co, which acquire and hold further subsidiaries. For example, Inc & Co has branched out over the last year, launching Inc Retail and Inc & Co Property.

Fresh Thinking Group’s Approach

FTG crafts an original growth plan for each acquisition so they can work towards their business goals and reach new milestones. Instead of adopting an outdated one-size-fits-all approach, FTG examines each company’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities to identify ambitious business goals and map strategic routes towards these. Not only does FTG provide funding for acquisitions, but the company also collaborates with digital collective Inc & Co to offer industry-specific guidance and digital solutions that drive business success.

Businesses that work with FTG enjoy improved business profiles, better-match clientele, people-oriented cultures, visible digital presences, higher conversion rates, and maximised returns on investment. And, as more businesses will soon be able to reopen their doors for post-lockdown trading, some of these are looking to FTG for support.

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Meet Fresh Thinking Group’s Founder: Scott Dylan

Dylan is widely recognised as a thought leader in digital, e-commerce, tech, logistics, and property markets. He has managed a multitude of business transformations, including a £20 million growth and exit plan, which he managed within three years. He has extensive experience in supporting viable and distressed companies and, as a technical expert, has a host of digital solutions up his sleeve to revolutionise companies in need of fresh approaches. He also offers mentoring services for business teams of all sizes, which he coaches to develop advanced software solutions and cultivate people-oriented cultures.

Having directed digital and creative applications for a host of companies over the last 20 years – including the UK Ministry of Defence and Microsoft – FTG is Dylan’s sixth business venture. His expertise in investments, business development, software, PR, and marketing gives him a wealth of knowledge to share with the company’s acquisitions. Dylan encourages these acquisitions to follow the Agile Methodology, a people-focused framework that generates results through adaptive software-development planning. By embracing the Agile Methodology, FTG achieves quick delivery without sacrificing optimal client outcomes.

Learn more about Scott Dylan’s advanced business-development solutions on his blog.