University of Phoenix Reviews: Flexible, Online Programs are Key to Student Success

University of Phoenix was founded on the principle that all individuals should have the opportunity to enhance their lives through education. Dr. John Sperling built University of Phoenix with a vision to improve the lives of our students while strengthening our community. The university has served students across the country through its online platform for more than 40 years.

University of Phoenix is a pioneer in the online learning landscape. Primarily serving its students in a virtual setting, the university also offers in-person learning at campuses in multiple states, including: Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada and Texas.

Offering a curriculum that helps students to acquire credentials and degrees to enhance their industry knowledge and help propel them to higher ranks within their company, University of Phoenix makes obtaining a college degree affordable and accessible. Over the years, University of Phoenix graduates have shared that they have realized their professional and personal goals, and made a positive impact on their community and their industry.

Blending Passions and Building Industry Acumen

University of Phoenix alumna Wendy Robinson shares her experience in getting her degree and how it inspired her to blend her interests in information technology (IT) and make a career move that would result in her professional and personal success.

Robinson, who formerly worked for an accounting firm, has always had a passion for IT. She wanted to build upon her knowledge in the accounting industry with a degree in this field. Robinson explains that she chose University of Phoenix because it covers a wide range of subjects and the instructors are industry professionals currently working in the field they are teaching. She enjoyed the flexibility University of Phoenix provided, which allowed her to maintain her full-time job.

Robinson credits her career success to obtaining her degree from University of Phoenix. “I created a database at my job that they still use today!” She announced proudly. She went on to say, “I feel accomplished, incredible, worthy, and like I can take on the world.”

Becoming a Company Leader

University of Phoenix alumnus Don Richards earned his Bachelor of Science degree from University of Phoenix after years of putting it off due to various job commitments. Richards, who prides himself on being a company man, would travel and relocate at the company’s request. However, it always seemed to hinder his ability to finish his degree.

Finally, the company recommended he enroll at University of Phoenix, and it was the best decision he has ever made for his family and his career. Roberts notes that he was unable to move up in the company because he did not have the educational requirements. In addition, he knew that finally obtaining his bachelor’s degree would show his children that anything was possible.

Roberts says that getting his degree has helped him become a better manager. He is able to compartmentalize his tasks, and his communication has improved. He encourages anyone thinking of attending University of Phoenix and finishing their degree, “Don’t delay. Finishing your degree does create opportunity for you.”

Investing in Yourself to Improve the Community

Crystal Muir is a nursing supervisor who chose University of Phoenix for its Master of Science in Nursing program. She says that the flexibility the University offers can’t be beat when you are working full-time. She credits the university for choosing educators and staff who are industry professionals because, especially in a high-stress industry like healthcare, it is important to understand their students’ current set of responsibilities outside of the classroom.

Muir is proud of herself for choosing to further her education with University of Phoenix and says that it has made her a “better educator, leader, and advocate for myself, my patients, and my staff.” Muir has a passion for improving the lives of others, and her education is making her that much more of an asset to building a healthier community.

Higher Education is Attainable for Everyone

Allan Steer is an educator, United States military veteran, and University of Phoenix graduate. Steer says he has always known that building an education is important in developing your career and your character.

Steer attended the university while in the military. He explains that he would take every opportunity he had, on and off duty, to study and complete his coursework. He does not think that there should be any limitations to obtaining an education. He says, “if I can sit against a hum-v tire in the Middle East and I can do my homework, success is possible. All you have to do is try. Try harder.”

Steer is just one incredible example of the students and graduates of University of Phoenix who know that getting an education and having a degree is much more attainable because of the structure, flexibility and compassion that the university has for its students and its community.


About University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix was founded in 1976 by economist Dr. John Sperling. It is a for-profit, online university helping students further their educational journey with flexible options to obtaining a degree. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, the university offers online and in-person learning in states across the country.

University of Phoenix maintains an innovative approach to helping working adults enhance their careers by offering flexible schedules, relevant courses and interactive learning options. With more than 87,000 students enrolled, the University serves a diverse student population. Its latest 3+1 Transfer Program is one of the innovative ways the university is helping to enhance the talent pipeline across the country by working with community colleges. For more information, visit