Easy and Quick Startup Marketing Tips to Exponentially Improve Your Campaigns

Starting a small business is a challenge. Yes, it’s very fulfilling to take that leap. Who doesn’t want to ditch their day job? Who doesn’t want to be a business owner. 

All right, fast forward, let’s say you’ve launched your startup business. You’ve done every preparation. You’ve planned everything. You already have a target market, a good packaging, an amazing purpose. But how are you going to inform everyone that you exist?

That is one of the biggest challenges some startup owners didn’t anticipate. When you’ve already exhausted your efforts, resources, and energy in building your brand from scratch, you sometimes forget, the jewel of the crown; marketing and sales.

Unless you have this big piggy bank where your funds for the startup is coming from, at this point, you might have spent every penny already and to be honest, it might be impossible to get a marketing expert. Here’s some easy and quick startup marketing tips to get that boost you need and to spread the word.

Establish the image. Be true to your branding.

When you’re a startup, one of the things that you might possess that makes you a little ahead of existing businesses, is that you have this new image. You have a clean new slate where you can draw and create your branding. Try sticking with the purpose why you started this, try getting in the part where you look for the reason why you started this. 

The very key questions for startups is it should solve a problem. Big or small, it should give convenience, fulfill a need, or provide something that your target market has been looking for.

Set your goals

If you want to be money wise with your marketing strategies you have to set goals clearly and determine which market you’re going to plunge into. There should be a starting line where you should set before thinking big or expanding right away. 

Gather all necessary data that you will need to be in the head of your game. Once you have set every line you would want to determine how you’re going to measure your results. Will it be based on engagements, based on followers, based on real customers, etc. 

Make use of social media

Make noise in social media platforms that you are familiar with. Create an Instagram, a Twitter, Facebook, or even Youtube accounts for your startup business. A lot of the people today are invested in finding out something new in social media platforms. Social media marketing is a great way to keep your customers engaged and it has many long term benefits so make use of it and make your presence be seen. 

Create Facebook posts, give daily Instagram stories, Tweet more, or maybe create a short montage on Youtube! Find out where your target market usually stays longer and post more on that social media platform. 


Another marketing style that is hyped today is to talk to customers. Make engagement. Make your customers feel like they are really going to be a part of the branding when they want to. Ask for feedback from your first few customers and build trust by asking for reviews. 

The return of results from word of mouth is actually fast and relatively higher than other marketing strategies there are available. People love to share experiences and a lot love to experience other people’s experiences as well. 

Count and grow

Because you are a startup, the first few demographics are crucial. You have to take notes of the data you are making in the first few days, weeks, or months. This will help you make necessary shifts in your strategies and techniques to attract more customers and sell more. 

Attend events 

You also have to try getting into the scene personally or digitally. Attending events online or offline can give you big results in spreading the word about your startup. Take time in introducing yourself, your business, your product, your goals even.

SEO optimized content

When you are well informed and knowledgeable in local SEO, that’s good. But when you have no idea how it is, you can always find someone who can help you with building up your online presence by hiring an SEO specialist. Although, this is not a one time effort and can be time consuming, this gives you better results in the long run. 

The main idea of SEO is to optimize your landing pages for keywords that users or your target market use to find similar products and services that you are offering. 

The first step is the hardest

Do not fret because this is very normal and you are definitely not the only one who can experience hardship in your startup business. As mentioned, marketing, among other problems that you have to face in starting up your business, is very crucial.

Some marketing tools and strategies may not work for you, some might be slowly giving you results, and some can be effective and give you a boost! All you have to do is to be critical in startup marketing so you won’t be throwing away your money for ineffective marketing plans and ideas. Evaluate yourself, evaluate your efforts, and read the market. 

What are your startup marketing ideas that helped you boost and gave you a big head start? Tell us!