10 Reasons to Buy Refurbished Laptops

What Are Refurbished Laptops?

Refurbished laptops are those computers that have been returned to the retailers or the manufacturers for a refund. In other situations, a refurbished laptop may be a device that has come off a lease recently. These refurbished laptops are slightly used in case of a lease. However, in case of a return for a refund, the device may have a minor defect, or perhaps it was unable to meet the expectation of the buyer.

These computers are repaired. The defects are fixed along with replacing the defective components, and then the laptops are resold in the market. Hence, laptops that have undergone this process of repairing and examination are called refurbished laptops.

Why Buying A Refurbished Laptop Is A Good Idea?

There are several new technological developments taking place with each passing day, and we see many different products launching every year. The same goes for the laptop market; companies like Apple, Dell, HP, and Lenovo are constantly working on their products to develop the most advanced devices for customer use.

However, it is not feasible for everyone to purchase the new models every time they release.  Refurbished laptops, therefore, become a good option for purchasing up to date models at reasonable prices. But this reasoning is not enough to back the statement why purchasing a refurbished laptop is a good idea. To provide you a detailed overview of that, I have enlisted 10 reasons to buy refurbished laptops, which will help you decide whether it’s a good idea to purchase such laptops or not.

10 Reasons to Buy Refurbished Laptops

Here are the ten reasons why buying repaired laptops is a good idea.

1.    They Are Reliable

The first reason to buy a refurbished laptop is that it promises a great deal of reliability.  The new model may be equipped with enhanced tech, but it’s definite that the manufacturer hasn’t tested it in the real world. And so we don’t know what unexpected defects and problems you can encounter if it’s the first release of that model.

Hence, purchasing refurbished laptops become reliable because they’ve been practically tested and examined. This means the potential defects and bugs have been identified and fixed already.

2.    Great Value for Money

There are a lot of low-quality substitutes of high-end laptops available that are relatively cheap, but they do not last longer than a conventional laptop. Refurbished laptops of Dell, HP, Apple, and Lenovo can provide you better performance and make it easier for you to acquire spare parts and accessories like power adapters, batteries, dock stations, etc. Moreover, due to the ease of availability of spare parts, it becomes easy to upgrade hard disk and RAM.

Furthermore, there are several versions of the new models, which include economical versions too. But these versions don’t have all the features and specifications of the standard model. You can surely buy a downgraded version of the new release for £400-600. But what if you can purchase a slightly used or repaired device with all those new features and specifications for the same price? I think the latter will be a better choice, don’t you think the same?

3.    Contribute Towards Sustainability

As you must know, the world is facing colossal climate change problems at the moment, and so it’s our social responsibility to contribute towards the sustainability of the environment. Thus, every refurbished laptop or any other refurbished device you purchase saves the environment from facing harsh conditions at the hands of harmful chemicals and production processes.

The more we contribute to our environment’s sustainability as a unit, the more sustainable and livable future we can ensure for the next generation and ourselves. So, if you’re someone who thinks sustainability is important, this reason will definitely be a convincing factor for you.

4.    Limit Loss

If you want to purchase a laptop for daily use for a child and expect it to go through a daily basis of wear and tear, you should opt for a refurbished laptop. Because this way, you’ll not only get commendable features and performance at an affordable price, but the loss will be limited too.

It won’t affect you much if your child spills anything on it, or maybe it goes through some scratches compared to seeing a new and expensive device getting ruined like that. It can really save you a lot of money too, which should be a good reason to buy a refurbished laptop.

5.    Money Saver

By looking at the economic point of view of purchasing a refurbished laptop, we can say refurbished laptops save a great amount of money. I mean, you can buy a refurbished laptop for a price that is 20-30% lesser than the price of a brand new laptop.

This saved money can be invested elsewhere or may be saved for future use. Therefore, this factor becomes one of the main reasons to buy refurbished laptops. I mean, who doesn’t want to save a few bucks, and if that’s happening without affecting the quality of the product, then you should definitely take the deal!

6.    Save on The Expense of Software Licenses

On average a new software costs nearly £300, which adds to the expenses. So, for instance, you’ve been using Windows XP for a while now, and you want to upgrade to a newer version. You can either go and purchase a new license for £300 or, you could simply buy a refurbished laptop that comes with the latest software.

This way, you get a fresh and faster x64 bit machine along with the new software. Thus, making it a deal of greater benefit and way better than purchasing a new software license for your old device.

7.    The Comfort of Use

I know you won’t believe this, but do you know that most refurbished laptops have a matte display and better viewing angles? Which ultimately facilitates the users in getting an enhanced display quality that is better than the new expensive models. Hence, providing you more comfort while using the device.

Moreover, a refurbished laptop provides more comfort when it comes to typing. The keyboards of refurbished laptops are enhanced with key layouts, backlights, wear-resistant high-quality key material.  In addition to this, a refurbished laptop has better heat removal ability, which means you won’t feel a heated lap after a few minutes of use. This indicates that a refurbished laptop provides comfort and convenience.

8.    Easy Maintenance

If you want to buy computers in bulk for your employees, but you’re looking for a cheaper and low maintenance option. In that case, off-brand or refurbished devices will be a good option for you as the installation and configuration process of new laptops is much of a hassle and difficult in terms of maintenance.

But the refurbished devices do not need any specific installation or configuration process because they are all figured and done beforehand. So you don’t need to put in any additional effort, and neither will be a need to train your employees about the usage of new devices.

9.    Variety of Accessories Available

Refurbished computers have a wide range of add ons or accessories options such as laptop cases, memory cards, chargers, etc. Plus, you can also add additional technology as per the requirement to your refurbished device at an extremely affordable price.

10. Availability of Warranty

After all these reasons, if you still have a doubt in mind about the functionality of the laptops, then let me eliminate that doubt too. You’ll get a full warranty on the laptop for a considerable time, which will rid you of the worry of the functionality of the device. If the device turns out to be faulty by any chance, you can return it to the seller at any time within the warranty period.

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Bottom Line:

A refurbished laptop saves a lot of money and still lets us buy computers with strong build and processes. These devices tend to last longer and provide you with a comfortable user experience.

In this article, we discuss the 10 reasons to buy refurbished laptops in detail, and I’m sure after reading the whole article you will be able to clear all doubts in your mind about repaired equipment and be able to finally purchase your favorite laptop.