SlideUpLift – A Must-Have Resource for Project Managers

Presentation formats are increasingly being used to create operational and communication documents on project management topics. The internet is flooded with PDFs, documents, blogs and videos that all give their own versions of such documents and templates. However, it can be very tedious to wade through it and build a document that fits your situation.

SlideUpLift, one of the leading providers of presentation templates and resources, has done the legwork to meet your operational and communication needs on project management. Rather than browsing through hundreds of PDFs, documents, frameworks and personal blogs, project managers can find all the best practices, managerial advice and project management processes through SlideUpLift’s carefully drafted, editable and visually engaging Project Management decks and templates.

If you’re a seasoned project manager, or just starting out in your position, having these project management templates at your fingertips just makes good sense. These templates cover a wide range of topics such as business case preparation, kicking off a project, PMO, scope management, team management, change management, DMAIC, etc.

By templatizing the best practices and resources for project managers, SlideUpLift has created robust working documents to shape all stages of the project management cycle. In addition, Project managers can make use of additional resources and frameworks to help them achieve personal and organizational effectiveness. These resources include, 30 60 90 Day Planning for new project managers, RASCI Charts, personal SWOT, RISK meters, prioritization matrix, etc.

SlideUpLift’s project management decks can be used by senior management to get the team to do the homework prior to key meetings. Providing team members with these resources helps them structure their thinking and makes them feel empowered and unbossed and leads to more fruitful meetings and better outcomes.

All of SlideUpLift’s PowerPoint templates are 100% customizable and created using the principles of vision science and storytelling, helping professionals build highly-polished, world-class project management material and create a powerful impact.