ALM Translations revises its FY 2020-2021 revenue forecast to £3.7 million following unprecedented demand for translation and marketing services this quarter.

Acclaimed translation agency ALM sees a boost in predicted revenue thanks to the successful deployment of additional international marketing services.

Henley-in-Arden, UK, 6th April 2021: Translation agency ALM updates its FY 2020-2021 revenue forecast to £3.7 million, 10% greater than originally predicted, due to the rapid growth of its international digital marketing offering since January and one of the largest projects in the company’s 19-year history coming to fruition. The project saw the company scale up its resources to translate and revise over 6 million words in just 3 months.

Rachel Coleman, director, has stated the following:

“2020 was a year in which we learned a lot. It gave us time to reflect, get off the treadmill for a while, and really think about how to add value to our offering and continue to grow our business.

Although revenue dropped in some fields of industry, a proportion of our clients saw a huge increase in demand – these companies included social media platforms, delivery services and online trading infrastructures.

Initially, we translated a huge amount of COVID-related material, which was then replaced by the demand for website translation and language and marketing services. This allowed us to maintain the status quo, which was all we could ask for initially.

Adding additional specialisms to our core business services was the next logical step in ALM’s evolution, and by meeting the growing need for companies to increase their online presence nationally and internationally, our industry experts add even greater value than before.

In the same way that the advancement of technology has seen a leap forward of 5 years in the last 12 months, businesses have had to adapt and pivot to a new way of working, vastly different markets and a sea of uncertainty. For us, this necessitated a radical review of our business strategy, covering everything from setting up new policies, taking on more contract staff, and re-aligning goals with the new situation.

Having had a promising end to the last quarter, we are confident that the upcoming 21-22 financial year will only get better as more companies are visibly preparing to scale up their operations, as they see a way forward on the gradual road to economic recovery.

Localisation and associated services have long been due an overhaul and provided we continue to press on with new and innovative ways to bring value to our clients, the sky really is the limit for us.”

About ALM Translations

ALM Translations is a progressive agency that provides clients with highly dependable, accurate translations combined with creative and intelligent national and international marketing insights. With an emphasis on engaging with technology, ALM uses cutting edge platforms and techniques to give customers the tools they need to achieve the best possible success in doing business overseas.



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