Makaber Konzept: Alternative clothing that’s good for the world

There are many alternative fashion brands out there, but Makaber Konzept stands head and shoulders above the rest. With unique boundary-pushing designs and a slow fashion model that champions sustainability, Makaber Konzept has launched in the market with a range of eco-friendly clothes consumers can put their faith in.

A sustainable alternative to fast fashion

Fast fashion culture has been a huge blight on the environment for years, and Makaber Konzept has recognised this and created a sustainable alternative that’s totally unique. There is growing consumer demand for ethical and sustainable fashion but as a Company spokesperson for Makaber Konzept says:  “Most of the Fashion brands, and fast fashion companies, are changing the behaviour to assure that their product is sustainable, however, it’s hard to find any real information claimed by those companies. That’s why the first Makaber mission is “Putting the World First”. We believe that we can make a real difference and be transparent about it.”

At Makaber Konzept their eco-credentials are more than just words. Every purchase funds critical environmental projects, like reforestation, wildlife protection and animal shelters. Sustainability is woven into the fabric of Makaber Konzept and they use recycled processes, fairtrade and organic materials to create unique fashion that will last. Their high-quality items are designed and made to last, breaking the cycle of fast fashion for good.

Works of art you can wear.

Not only are Makaber Konzept’s range of alternative t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies great for the environment, they are also incredibly stylish. Each design is inspired by an idea or tale from human history and culture, exploring big questions and highlighting some lesser-known stories, like the nagging fairy, the father’s promise and the saint kidnapper. Each design is truly a work of art, with stunning attention to detail and unrivalled quality. Mythical creatures are mixed with religious imagery and street culture to create one of a kind designs that are totally unique.

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