14-year-old Diana award recipient launches Curiousify – a wellbeing app for girls

Have you ever been curious about mental health or wellbeing or self-esteem or body image, or even day-to-day lifestyle issues?

Chances are, if you are a woman, these might have affected you to some degree during the course of your life. Young women, teenage girls in particular, go through a multitude of changes in a short span of time, often without a frame of reference. This leads them to become curious about what these are, and if they don’t get the correct information, confusion and stress follow. It ends up becoming a downward spiral.

Curiousify was created by 14-year-old Diana Award recipient Freya Thakral when she experienced her peers dealing with emotional difficulties during the lockdown. By default, many young people go online and are often overwhelmed. In a majority of the cases, information they find is often negative and lengthy. Some of the decisions they end up making are unhealthy and can lead to life-long problems.

The app offers a curated collection of bite-sized articles and videos that are positive and helpful. Best of all, these are created by girls, for girls. Using the Curiousify website or the app itself, they can submit their experiences and articles for publication.

Curiousify is a non-judgmental space created to explore common issues faced by young women the world over. It is an opportunity to learn and share. The app’s launch coincides with the rise in discussions surrounding wellbeing and mental health issues, especially in young people, due to lockdowns around the world.

In Freya’s words:

‘I am passionate about making a positive difference to the lives of young girls suffering from mental health issues – especially those who cannot access the necessary support. I want to start a movement, empower young women to write and talk about these issues and look forward to others joining us on our journey.’

The app is free and available from the App Store and the Google Play Store.

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