5 Summer Activities Your Whole Family Will Love

Summer is the season for relaxing, exploring, and bonding with your wonderful family. If you’re like most parents, you seek to make impressions that will last a lifetime. For recreational pursuits that please everyone and look good on camera, consider some of the following suggestions.

Awesome Water Sports

Cooling off in the water is a universally beloved summer remedy for sweltering hot temperatures. Luckily for you and your kids, there’s so much more to try besides swimming! Kayaking, canoeing, paddleboarding, surfing, and floating down the river are all relatively accessible and appropriate for various age levels. Your kids will learn valuable outdoor skills and everyone will enjoy the scenic views. Whatever you do, don’t forget the life vests and the sunscreen!

Delicious Park Picnics

Some weekends, you just want to get outdoors with the whole family without having to drive very far or come up with anything extravagant. Sunday picnics in the park are precisely the answer! Go shopping for everyone’s favorite finger foods and refreshing beverages, and lay everything out in a colorful spread on your biggest blanket. Simply bring along a frisbee or some kites, and you’ll have hours of fun totally covered.

Picnics are a wonderful way to bring extended family and friends together for a large, relaxing gathering. If you haven’t seen the grandparents or cousins in a while, or if the neighbor kids also need to get some of their wild energy out, invite a big group for even more jubilation and connection.

Compelling Remote Vacations

Maybe it’s been ages since you went on vacation, and you’re really itching to get out of town. Well, why not go as far away as you possibly can? There’s nothing like a remote vacation to bring the family closer together.

Deciding on a destination can feel impossible, but there’s bound to be one common feature that everyone can agree on. Is the desired vibe tropical and laid back? If so, how about a Bermuda cruise? Is your collective intent more active and adventurous? Maybe you can go on a guided mountain tour. Are your kids finally old enough for a big city outing? Surely there’s a metropolis with strange attractions to keep everyone happy. Regardless, your family will thank you in smiles for doing so much meticulous planning on their behalf.

Epic Movie Screenings

For home entertainment that will make your kids super popular, get yourself a laptop, a projector, a sound system, and a blank background like a white sheet or a garage door. Throw in some popcorn, ice cream, and soda, and you have yourself an epic outdoor theater setup for streaming films of all kinds. Add some chairs for your kids’ friends and everyone is sure to call you the coolest household on the block!

The best part is that you’ll save money on movie tickets and time on other tasks –– yep, you can clean the kitchen or work on that puzzle while simultaneously keeping an eye on your little ones and their movie. Plus, if everyone hates the film within the first few minutes, all you have to do is switch to a better one.

Unforgettable Night Drives

When was the last time you and your family saw the Milky Way galaxy shining down from a wide open night sky? Consider driving a few hours to a rural spot where city lights don’t block out the stars, and try to go around the New Moon of any given month so it doesn’t outshine the view either. If you have a telescope and some knowledge of constellations or planets, that’s even better. By the time you’re headed home, everyone will fall asleep in the car and dream of extraordinary cosmic adventures.

No matter how detailed or general you are when it comes to orchestrating summer activities, the thrill of being outside in the warm sun and fresh air will surely lead to some lovely memories for the entire family. All you have to do is think outside the box –– the possibilities are endless!