Stock tracker apps as an alternative to your tedious excel sheets

Keeping tabs on your assets can indeed prove to be a very grueling task if you do not have the right set of tools at your disposal. If you just do a google search it would return results of so many stock tracker apps available in the market. For any person who is seriously interested in making pressing business ventures into the stock market, this would be a dire necessity.

Not only for experts but even amateurs can utilize stock tracker apps very easily. All it takes is a basic knowledge of the field and downloading the app. The rest is really just a cakewalk.

Why do you need to say bye to your excel sheets?

Many people might still be very comfortable tracking data of your stocks, their impediments, and market surge in a notebook or more conveniently on an excel sheet. Undoubtedly excel comes with a lot of functionalities. But then, why settle for something less when you do get something extra?

Trade fast and efficient

We all lead a very fast life. It often becomes a gruesome task if we are told to maintain such documentation daily. Hence, investors faced the need to have some tools which would aid them in the task. And computer science, as always, has come to save the day.

Notifications when needed

Not only for beginners or people who invest in stocks as an additional source of income, but stock tracker apps also come in handy even for people who work on shares as a part of their routine. The applications have notifications that you can customize given the rise and fall in valuations. You always stay updated on the latest trends at any time of the day.

Exporting to Excel or CVS format

Still comfortable with your black and white tables? Some apps even allow you to download the detailed data as a CSV or excel file. All the work is being done at your convenience without bothering you. One of them that is definitely worth checking out is

When is the right time to start?

Well, it is now. Whether you have years of working knowledge of the share market or are just looking to start, now is the right time. All the stock tracker apps, mostly, have been designed in a way such that users would need minimal skills to operate them so that the time spent on learning the tool is minimized. This way you can skip the boring part of pondering over pages of a pdf manual and straightaway get to the job. So for all those who are still using the old school methods, let us assure you that you will not be out of your comfort zone, Even so, you may find it so delightful that it may be difficult to forsake it.