3 simple ways to make the most out of a small rental property

If you’re looking to take your first steps to independence – then renting is probably something you’ve considered.

There’s no denying that the advantages of renting are plentiful but depending on where in the world you want to live, it can often be more beneficial to opt for a smaller place. After all, the bigger the home, the more your rent is likely to be and as renting is usually a stepping stone towards an owned property, it makes sense to save money wherever possible, doesn’t it?

So how do you put your own personal stamp on a rented home that is perhaps a little smaller than what you had in mind? Here are our top 3 easy ways to make your petite house a home.

Make the most of the furniture you have

When it comes to furniture, the more you have the more cramped your environment can become – especially if you’re not utilising it to its full potential. A great tip for those looking for furniture for their new small place is to find items that can be multifunctional.

This stands whether you need a full house of furniture or you’re moving from your old home and need to know what comes along with you and what goes off to the charity shop. The truth is, there are numerous possibilities for most pieces of furniture. From ottomon beds offering huge hidden storage to trunks that can double up as a cool coffee table – the idea is to get creative!

And remember – less is usually more!

Get creative with your storage

Storage is one of the most important parts of any home, and a lack of it can be a deal breaker for many home hunters. But if you’re in a small house or apartment, you may find that ample storage isn’t possible, which is where your creative flare comes in!

There are plenty of inspiring videos, posts and pins that can offer great ideas, but our advice is to utilise the space you have. From backs of doors to corners where shelving can be placed – there is always a spot that can be used.This is particularly true of kitchen spaces where you can benefit from creating storage through a bit of innovation and a few affordable items such as tension rods and hooks, mason jars and stackable boxes for your bottles, cleaning products and equipment.

Invest in vacuum packed storage

Vacuum storage bags are an easy, cheap and compact way of storing your out of season clothing, spare bedding and any other fabrics that you find are taking up much needed space. They can fit in a huge amount of material but once vacuumed will fit snugly under your bed, in the loft or wherever else you can fit them.

This leaves you room to store other items that perhaps had no place to go before, but that can now fit nicely into the space freed up – and the best bit is nobody will ever know!

Are you looking for a small home to rent?

Finding the right place for you can be tricky, whether that’s a nice small property or something to house an entire family – but the good news is that there are experts out there such as Easylet Residential who can make renting a doddle!

So, if you’re struggling to find a home within your budget, why not contact letting agents in Warrington who can take care of the entire process for you?