10 Things No One Tells You About PCOS

The lack of proper awareness and resources about polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS is one of the significant reasons it is still considered a very harmful disorder that can only be improved with strong medications. These medications can reduce the chances of it becoming a severe health concern for future generations altogether. Also, some of the best home remedies for PCOS can be found around you that can help you decrease the impact of PCOS on your health. There is also a rumor that you cannot eliminate PCOS from your life once you’re diagnosed with it. However, this is not always true and is one of the most common myths revolving around PCOS.

10 Uncommon Facts About PCOS

  • Not everyone has the same PCOS symptoms because it varies from person to person. Excessive weight gain, unwanted hair growth in random places, irregular menstrual cycle, mood swings, etc., are some examples of the side effects of PCOS, but these are not common to all.


  • Another unknown fact about PCOS is it is not as uncommon as we believe it to be. According to statistics, almost one in every ten women in India has PCOS, which is usually more common in young adults.


  • Did you know that PCOS has four different types under it? The four different types are insulin resistant, inflammatory, heading, and lastly, pill-induced PCOS. The most common type, however, is insulin-resistant PCOS in India.


  • According to a women’s health clinic review, most women with PCOS believe that they cannot conceive because their doctors told them so. However, according to science, effective home remedies for PCOS and oral medications can significantly increase the chances of pregnancy for PCOS patients because they have a higher egg count.


  • One more common myth around PCOS is that it ends with menopause. However, it is only with proper adoption of home remedies for PCOS that the disorder’s symptoms can improve in most women after menopause but cannot be removed completely.
  • PCOS is not just about obesity, as women believe today. PCOS can instigate various other medical conditions for women like increased risk of diabetes, insomnia, thyroid problems, high blood pressure, etc.


  • Women tend to believe that only medication alone can resolve the symptoms of PCOS. However, this is not true as home remedies for PCOS like proper diet and lifestyle changes are considered a more effective form of treatment with a better success rate than medicines.


  • As the disorder’s name is polycystic ovary syndrome, many women believe they have cysts on their ovaries, as it is common for all. This information is false as the presence of cysts depends on other characteristics like lifestyle, body weight, the genotype of PCOS, stage of PCOS, etc.


  • Another common myth around PCOS is that the chances of being genetically transferred to future generations are high. However, it is not always accurate as the root cause of PCOS varies in women and does not get carried forward to future generations if treated effectively and adequately.


  • Women believe there are no benefits of PCOS, and it is all about weight gain. But, several advantages come along with PCOS diagnosis, like stronger bone and muscle power, improved fertility, increased pain threshold, etc., making women stronger than men in multiple ways.

How Can You Help Yourself Reduce The Symptoms And Side Effects?

There are multiple home remedies for PCOS that require dedication and little effort initially till the medications become an integral habit in your day-to-day lives. Most of the time, the home remedies for PCOS are more effective and less tolling on the body. Some of the best home remedies for PCOS are as follows:


Regular Exercise

You do not need to participate in rigorous workout routines right away. A simple walk or a quick run can help you stay fit and healthy. Gradually with time, you can increase the intensity and incorporate exercises that focus on your target areas.


Healthy Nutritious Diet

One of the most noticeable side effects of PCOS is weight gain. It is related to your food consumption as that plays an important part. A healthy diet that contains the proper nutrients like healthy fats, moderate carbs, shorter meal gaps, healthier alternatives, etc., can significantly prevent PCOS symptoms. One major step incorporated to achieve success is consuming less artificially sweet foods, dairy products, etc.

With the right mix of essential fruits and vegetables, you will successfully eliminate multiple health risks altogether.

Avoid Contraceptive Pills

A major drawback of PCOS is irregular menstrual cycles that affect the body’s health. Contraceptive or birth control pills usually delay or prepone the menstruation cycle while interrupting the natural menstruation cycle time. This makes it more difficult for the body to adapt and can adversely affect PCOS symptoms, so avoid taking contraceptive pills until necessary.



Stress is a great contributor that negatively impacts the mental health of PCOS patients. Low stress can reduce the side effects of PCOS. All you need is active participation in breathing exercises, meditation routines, etc., that can contribute to exercising the body while helping it fight PCOS.


To conclude, it has been proven scientifically that active participation and adoption of home remedies for PCOS can significantly reduce the chances of it becoming a severe health concern for the future, so start today.