Magnetic Closure Boxes – A diversely used luxury retail packaging

In the current retail market, the packaging of a product is supposed to keep a product safe from damage and gives your product a nice presentation. The packaging is now considered an important part of a product itself. Therefore, the better your product looks, the better impression your products put on the customers.

To make your product look good, there are many options for packaging you can go with. The boxes you can use for your products include sliders, two-piece boxes, tuck ends, and many other options. Depending on your design requirements and your products’ needs, you can select the boxes that best suit you.

Among other types of boxes, magnetic closure boxes are a presentable and durable packaging. These boxes are generally made of a rigid material, which is very sturdy, durable, appealing, and presentable at the same time. With all these properties, magnetic closure boxes are well-liked packaging everywhere for many luxury products. These boxes are very presentable on their own, but you can also go with various customizations. Also, you can have custom-designed packaging. There are many customization options you can make good use of.

Custom Magnetic Closure Boxes

There are many customizations and design options you can have for your custom magnetic closure boxes. Following are some of the options you can use for your custom magnetic closure boxes:

Packaging making options

The packaging making options you get for your custom-made magnetic closure boxes include selecting the materials, shape, and dimensions. These boxes’ material is usually Rigid, but you can select the thickness of the materials that best suit you. As for the shape and dimensions, you can go with any specifications that suit your design requirements, provided they are makeable.

Printing and Finishing Options

Printing and finishing of the packaging are the chief players when it comes to presentation. There are many things you can do to make your product packaging more appealing. You can have color schemes, themes, patterns, images, and many other things of your choice. With these options, you can use your creativity to the fullest and make enchanting designs.

You also have your proper branding on your custom printed magnetic closure boxes as you can add your logo, monograms, taglines, and much more. These details can be a great way of marketing your brand.

Printing also has a crucial role in making your packaging more attractive. You can go with various options like gloss, matte, embossing, debossing, foiling, spot UV, holographic, and many others. Moreover, if you want to give your product a luxury vibe, you can have other finishing options like velvet touch, soft-touch, leather-touch, etc.

The right balance between making, printing, and finishing customizations can make your products look like a piece of art.

A wide range of uses of magnetic closure boxes

Magnetic closure boxes have all the qualities you need, including presentation, durability, and customizability. Things do not just end there with this amazing packaging, as these boxes are also very convenient and versatile. You can pack your various retail products in these boxes and give them a superior presentation.

Some of the uses of these boxes are given below:

Jewelry Boxes

Jewelry and ornaments are very delicate and lovely. The intricate details of these products enhance the beauty of the person wearing them. But the downside of their fragile nature is that they can get damaged pretty easily. So, you need a packaging that protects them but does not make them look bland and boring either. As magnetic closure boxes have both of these qualities, they can be used as excellent jewelry boxes.

Watch Boxes

Watches are something that never goes out of fashion. That is why even in this day of smartphones and tablets, people still wear watches. For something as amazing as the watches, the packaging should be worthy of them too. That’s when magnetic closure boxes arrive at the scene. These boxes are the perfect packaging for watches because of their appealing and long-lasting nature.

Perfume Boxes  

Wearing perfume has become a part of getting ready. Everyone likes to smell good when they are going to a party, work, or school. To give your perfumes a boost in presentation, you can count on magnetic closure boxes. These boxes have all the qualities you can ask for in perfume boxes.

Apparel Boxes

Magnetic closure boxes are also suitable for different apparel and clothing products. You can use these as your shirt boxes, tie boxes, and many other clothing products. With the right details and branding, these boxes can add more value to your products.

There are hundreds of other retail products you can use these boxes for and give them the right packaging. Not only these boxes will protect them, but they also effectively promote them.

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