EAS Launches Robot Invigorator Pack & Offers Free Health Checks

Designed to support firms who are not using their software robots to full potential, RPA  specialist EAS (Endpoint Automation Services) have introduced a custom Robot Invigorator Package.

The company’s ‘on the ground’ research demonstrates that following an initial investment, many firms, particularly with all the distractions of the three lockdowns, have not been utilising their robot to the full, thereby not maximising the initial investment.

Phil Lewis, Co-Founder of EAS explains: “We are finding that numerous businesses, especially smaller firms, committed spend to the development of a robot and purchasing a one-year licence to operate it, however with the pandemic and all its disruptions, many are just not realising their investment, leaving it sitting there, completely redundant in many cases.

“As part of our Robot Invigorator initiative we are offering free health checks to businesses, whereby we will examine the extent to which their RPA software is benefitting their business, and from this we can then work with the client to get them fully operational again including fulfilling any additional training needs, so the robot is adding value to their company’s bottom line, rather than being an unprofitable overhead.”

The launch of this recent initiative follows EAS’s announcement last month of reaching a landmark milestone, delivering £2.3 million in cost savings for its clients, through the development and deployment of software robots to replace manual, repetitive processes and freeing up valuable employee time to focus on more complex tasks.

EAS has built over 90 software robots to date, automating over 150 processes since its formation only 5 years ago, many of which have been for its national clients in the healthcare, financial and legal services sectors.

With a business model perfectly suited to today’s business challenges, EAS was founded in 2015 and provides Robotic Process Automation solutions to organisations across legal, pharma and public sectors. EAS focuses on supporting organisations with business process automation saving customers time, money and resources and is now considered one of the UK’s leading RPA specialist consultancies.

For more info on EAS, visit https://easuk.co.uk/