Government for Blockchain Initiative Concludes Historic Visit to Sudan

Decades of civil war, armed conflict against neighboring countries and the 30-year reign of terror of an authoritarian president has led the Republic of the Sudan nowhere but down. Systems that have not kept up with the digital age, a failing economy and continuous protests have led Sudan into a dark age. But light has finally come. As the African nation transitions into a democracy, the government is committed to improving the citizens’ way of life and propelling Sudan forward through massive reforms. These reforms include strengthening the economy by allowing the government and businesses to flourish through digital transformation.

“In Sudan, we are in a transition period after thirty years of sanctions and thirty years of a bad regime. Now we are in a transition period in which we want to reform our country and reform the government. Digital transformation is a key pillar in this reformation. We are working on building a national strategy for digital transformation that aims to change the government from manual to digital, to make sure that the government will be more efficient, more smart, more in control and more transparent,” Hashim Hasabelrasoul Hashim, Minister of Telecommunication and Digital Transformation for the Republic of the Sudan, said during a closing interview.

Dubbed as “the next big thing since the Internet,” blockchain has been gaining recognition as an innovative yet stable technology that can help industries grow by offering immutability, security, transparency and integrity of data. Seen as just the right thing Sudan needs to enter the digital world, the Ministry of Telecommunication and Digital Transformation has invited Bitcoin SV (BSV) on an official visit to learn more about blockchain technology.

On April 8-9, 2021, BSV’s Blockchain for Government Initiative, led by Bitcoin Association, a Switzerland-based organization committed to advancing the adoption of the BSV blockchain, conducted a workshop that provided Bitcoin education and blockchain know-how to government officials, businessmen and university students in Khartoum, Sudan. The impressive line-up of speakers during the Blockchain Summit & Workshop includes CEOs and founders from different industries and from all over the world who have successfully created applications and platforms on the BSV blockchain. Many who were not able to personally be there did virtual presentations.

‘The event was very great, very informative. The first-ever time in Sudan to have a blockchain ecosystem team to visit the country. People were very interactive, very excited about the event and I think that there will be many more to come after this event,” Hashim said.

During the week-long official visit, the delegation for the Blockchain for Government Initiative also engaged in separate consultations at the Central Bank of Sudan, the Ministry of Telecommunication & Digital Transformation, the Ministry of Interior Affairs, leading telecommunications firm SudaTel, and 249 Startups, a hub for local entrepreneurs.

“I can clearly see a role for blockchain throughout different verticals within the government; digital identification is one of many, financial inclusion, digital certifications and many more to come, where we can benefit from blockchain,” Hashim added.

BSV is fully committed to providing accurate blockchain and Bitcoin education in order to create global awareness and spark economic growth. It is especially relevant to Sudan, but it is not limited to nations like it as the entire world needs to recover from the economical damage the pandemic has brought. The BSV blockchain is the solution enterprises need in order to move forward.

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