How to Make the Most of a Tiny Home Gym Space

Today’s world often leaves us feeling stressed out and with little time left for self-care after we are pulled in multiple directions throughout the day. Even when we are trying to prioritize ourselves, it can often feel like there is very little time left to do this when our work projects are finished, kids and family members are looked after, and other commitments are upheld. And when we do get a moment to breathe and are motivated to go and work out, getting to the gym or studio might not always be possible. Over the past year, home gyms have certainly become more popular due to the COVID19 pandemic. And many people have realized the benefits of working out at home. But if you only have a small space, how do you make a home gym work for you?

Storage Options:

First of all, try and invest in gym equipment that is easy for you to store out of the way and avoid cluttering up the room. For example, if you want to get some dumbbells to use at home, this rack helps mitigate clutter and will keep your space neat and tidy without missing out on the essential equipment that you will need for a great home workout. The good news is that today, you can get an increasing number of options for smaller and more storable home workout equipment due to the growing popularity of home gyms.

Foldable Equipment:

When it comes to storing away your gym equipment, it’s worth looking into cardio equipment like exercise bikes and treadmills that you can easily fold down to store away out of the way when you are not using them. Cardio equipment such as these are often the bulkiest types of equipment and are sometimes entirely unsuitable for a small home gym space, so something that you can take out of a cupboard when you need to use it and put it back when you’re done can be a helpful option.

Use Vertical Space:

Consider making the most of the vertical space in your small home gym area, such as hanging a yoga bag or resistance bands on a hook on the wall or in an unused closet. You can also get some exercise equipment that makes the most of the vertical space in your home like pull-up bars that you can fit in doorframes.

Under-Desk Exercise:

Did you know that you can get certain types of exercise bikes that you use with only your feet, which can be fit easily under your desk or table? If you simply want to exercise more at home and don’t mind doing so when you are working or taking part in other home activities, this can be a great way to multitask and get more physical activity without taking up a lot of room in your living space.

Bodyweight Workouts:

One of the best ways to make the most of exercising in a small space in your home is to ditch as much bulky equipment as you can and use your own bodyweight. The truth is that you can get some

excellent results from bodyweight workouts alone, and if you want to add some more work to them, consider using resistance bands, which are inexpensive, small, and very easy to store away in a drawer when you’re not using them. There are tons of ideas for using resistance bands for full-body workouts and they allow you to seriously improve your shape and fitness without any bulky equipment.

Setting up a home gym in a small space in your living area is possible with the right equipment and space-saving strategies.