Does Pro Baseball need a makeover to become more attractive to fans?

Baseball, “America’s favorite pastime”. That’s one tough reputation to hold, especially with the world in constant evolution and trends coming and going as fast as you can play a round of catch. While the NBA and NFL are in the usual search of how to make their sports that much more appealing for their fan bases, MLB has been adamant to embrace changes. Baseball sports betting fans and experts have been vocal about how pro baseball should look into making a few changes to make the game more interesting for new generations of followers. So what changes could benefit an aging game moving towards the future?

Try Out New, Exciting Rules for an Outdated Sport

Baseball is a game of many, many rules. Basically for every single move you wish to perform there’s probably at least one or two rules that have something to do or say with what you are trying to pull. As time goes by and new generations are trying to be lured into loving baseball, the idea of updating the MLB rulebook in order to make baseball a more dynamic and entertaining sport has been talked about more and more often. 

As reported by USA Today, plans and strides to freshen up the game have been thrown around with some strong initiatives already making strong rounds around the league. Ideas such as shortening the break time between innings and the amount of visits to the mound from managers to make the game more fluid as well as making the trade deadline a faster less byzantine matter and something more entertaining and exciting for baseball fanatics are two of the biggest changes that have been talked about and put into practice.

Splitting from the Idea that Baseball is from Older Generations

Has baseball managed to become more boring as time has gone by? No, it hasn’t, the game is still exciting to play and watch. The problem is that just as baseball has mostly stood still in time newer generations of fans have appeared, bringing with them a faster paced way of living where entertainment is a top matter of importance. Baseball nowadays is looked more as an older generation sport. New generations embrace the excitement that sport leagues like the NBA and NFL bring to the table day in and day out but with professional baseball the ball is still in the air. 

Major League Baseball needs to make the game more exciting, and how do you do that? For the upcoming 2021 season some of the experimental ideas used in 2020 should get a green light and others should be left back for now. With the 2020 season having to be played with the COVID pandemic in full throttle, an idea of expanding the playoffs by getting more teams into the postseason was put into play with no real success moving into a back to normal future.  Having both leagues embrace the previously exclusive to the American League designated hitter position did show promise moving forward but need some revisions in hopes of a 2021 season where the pandemic will hopefully not play a big part.

Embracing Social Media as a Tool to Move Forward

As time has shown us as of lately, if you want new fans to come to your sport, you need to go into their world and show you can hang. Social media for example has become a pivotal tool for businesses of all traits to gain more relevance. With the possibility of the upcoming 2021 season still having to deal with the effects of coronavirus, reaching out to fans through social media platforms, offering new and fresh outlooks to the game could become a fresh starting point into moving forward with new generations. It has worked wonders for the NFL and NBA so why not try it out with more conviction in MLB?

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