Demand For Veneers in Huddersfield Soar In Wake Of Lockdown

Fresh Smile dental clinic saw demand for cosmetic dentistry soar throughout lockdown.

Porcelain veneers and cosmetic bonding top the list of services most sought-after throughout the past year. The uptick in demand for these services is due to a variety of reasons regarding the Covid 19 UK lockdown.

The British Dental Association reported that around 20 million dental treatments weren’t carried out last year compared to 2019 as people were encouraged to adhere to social distancing measures. This led to an increased demand for a range of dental appointments, from routine check-ups to cosmetic dentistry. People had not only missed out on routine appointments but had more disposable income to improve their smile leading to a subsequent rise in cosmetic dentistry.

Dan Punia from Fresh Smile Clinic said, “Cosmetic treatments such as whitening, Invisalign and types of veneers such as composite bonding are immensely popular right now. This is emphasised by the prevalence of working from home where there is an increased focus on facial aesthetics via Zoom meetings and video calls.”

Veneers in Huddersfield are popular due to the non-invasive nature of cosmetic bonding, where the veneer is moulded to fit over the surface of the tooth. It is a quick, long-lasting way to get a Hollywood smile, with treatment able to mask minor cosmetic issues such as chips, discolouration, or gaps. Cosmetic bonding and veneers require less dental appointments with little or any drilling and injections.

“Our dental team have over 30 years experience in crafting natural, vibrant veneers from our award-winning Huddersfield clinic. Our dental specialists are happy to service the increased demand for veneers across Bradford, Halifax and West Yorkshire.”

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