Harrogate Based Business Coach Launches Support Projects for Local Businesses & Communities

Blackshaw Howell Consulting (BHC) has not been standing still during the pandemic but transforming purposefully and organically as it does for the clients, businesses and communities it serves. In doing so it proudly launches initiatives for Summer / Autumn 2021 as we emerge into the new normal.

BHC hasn’t forgotten its Yorkshire roots and continues to work with clients, businesses of all sizes and give back to local Knaresborough and Harrogate communities. Collaborating with Emergy Fitness & Wellbeing this Summer / Autumn. Wellbeing at work and in life booster community events include positive thinking, mindfulness, getting back to work effectively, keeping fit and healthy, and looking forward with optimism and resilience.

For more information contact Lisa@b-hconsulting.co.uk

BHCs website showcases BHCs expanded events as well as offers and vouchers including workshops, development, coaching, team events and consultancy. These have been developed further linked to recent research BHCs Founder, Lisa Howell undertook during the pandemic. From understanding how individuals, teams, leaders, business owners, organisations and communities cope during uncertainty, Lisa states: “BHC has re-worked and launched offers to suit all aspects of change, enabling clients and businesses to learn and proactively choose to pivot to thrive in the face of uncertainty, at work and in their lives”.

Business Growth

BHC are looking to expand their client base and community interests in Harrogate District and Yorkshire. The past year has taught them that together we are stronger with our specialist talents. This enables BHC to reach far and wide, enabling businesses, CEOs, MDs, leaders and individual clients to have a coach in their corner. To be able to pivot and learn to choose to bounce back quickly, in order to remain competitive, accept change and transform, for their unique situations and onwards achievement of goals and dreams.

Lisa adds “The recent roller coaster has enhanced BHCs learning, growth, reach and built on our collaborative, long term relationships for those wanting to take a leap of faith and make that change as a business leader / owner, in their career and lives to enable us to deliver even more powerful lasting solutions”.

Lisa is not only a business coach in Harrogate but she and the BHC team also works with clients throughout the UK and worldwide.

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